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The 9 Benefits of Cold Plunging and Cold Water Immersion: Heightens Your Discipline and Focus

If you are into health and wellness, you may come across people singing praises for ice baths, cold showers, or cold water immersion. Brought into the spotlight by professional athletes, social media wellness influencers, and extreme athlete, Wim Hoff, cold therapy and cold tubs have hit the mainstream with more and more people buzzing about the physical and mental benefits of ice-cold baths and cold water immersion. 

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From increased energy and improved mental health to a stronger immune system, the daily practice of sitting in a cold plunge tub for a few minutes is said to hold countless benefits. However, you might be wondering – Does cold plunging in cold water temperatures actually work? Can 2-5 minutes in cold temperatures of 33- 55 degrees really provide the plethora of benefits that the practice boasts? 


RENU Therapy founder, Bill Bachand, explains the benefits of cold water immersion.

We at RENU Therapy are excited to share our top 9 benefits of cold plunging and cold water immersion. You might be curious, or even skeptical, about the advantages of cold plunge pools and a cold plunging daily practice. Is this a practice that you are interested to implement in your daily health and wellness routine?


Throughout this 9-part series, we will uncover 9 benefits of cold water therapy and share stories from our team and customers who have seen amazing changes in their lives. 

#1 Heightens Your Discipline and Focus

The first benefit that we will highlight in our series is that cold water immersion heightens your discipline and focus. Cold plunging in icy water for a few minutes every day can take your discipline and focus to the next level. By practicing this cold shock response daily and committing to it, you can reap the benefits of becoming more productive, grounded, and concentrated. 

Make Discipline a Habit

It is said that it takes 66 days for an action to become a habit. When you first start cold plunging, you might find it hard to believe that you could make something so uncomfortable an enjoyable, daily habit.


Whether you are used to starting your day off with a warm shower or a cup of coffee, building the habit of immersing yourself in frigid water will likely take some practice and a little bit of getting used to. Creating this habit and making a conscious and active decision to cold plunge every day builds your discipline and in turn, provides many mental health benefits.


Most cold-water immersion practitioners will agree that doing the practice daily will allow you to see more results. By committing yourself to this practice, you reap the benefit of building more internal discipline within yourself. This is an important quality that you can take into your daily life in work, relationships, and health.

Add Discipline to Your Day

Exercising the discipline to make it into your ice bath tub every day builds your strength, determination, and resilience. The discipline that you gain from your daily cold plunge practice can propel you forward in your career, goals, and dreams.

When you begin to make it a daily habit, you will start wondering how you got through your day without those 2-5 minutes in frigid water! 


Increase Your Focus and Concentration

Ever feel yourself struggling through your day and reaching for that second or third coffee? Practicing cold plunge immersion therapy may allow you to skip the caffeine and opt for a morning cold plunge instead! Jumping into a cold plunge tank first thing in the morning or any time of the day takes mental toughness, especially when the temperatures outside are already freezing.


However, doing challenging practices builds your focus and your concentration. You create willpower and determination by committing yourself to this habit and practice. This enables you to concentrate and focus more throughout your day and get the tough stuff done. 


RENU Therapy founder, Bill Bachand, practicing his daily cold plunge

Mindfulness and Concentration in Action

Submerging yourself in icy waters and not panicking requires you to focus on your breath and the moment. This ability to concentrate, focus, and calm yourself is extremely powerful.


When you find yourself in a challenging or stressful moment throughout the day, you can return back to your breath, just as you do in your cold water immersion practice. Focusing and concentrating on your breath and the present moment is a great way to allow yourself to recenter and refocus your energy. 

Our Founder’s Thoughts on Cold Plunging and Discipline

Although RENU Therapy founder, Bill Bachand, is dedicated to the practice of cold plunging and spreading its benefits to the world, he understands that building up the discipline to cold plunge every day can take some work!


While he’s excited to go in on most days, sometimes the busyness of the day or outdoor extreme temperatures can cause his mind to come up with excuses. If these thoughts come up, he shares his advice on how to keep that discipline going – 


  • Even if you are busy or if it’s too cold outside, make a commitment to jump into your cold pool or tank every day – even if this means that your session is only 15 -30 seconds
  • Take a deep breath, plunge your entire body in, and commit to staying in your cold tank for at least 15 seconds
  • Remember that “A shorter session is better than none”
  • Push through the resistance and discomfort and encourage yourself to do it 
  • Once you finish your cold plunge, you will be glad you did it! 

Bill shares that when he stays disciplined and commits to daily cold immersion therapy, he comes out of the practice wondering why was questioning skipping a session in the first place! Push through the resistance, stay disciplined, and allow yourself to celebrate the daily win of cold plunging! 

RENU Therapy Cold Tanks to Improve Your Discipline and Focus

When it comes to being more disciplined, productive, and focused, exposing yourself to colder temperatures through a daily cold plunge may be the ideal practice to support your journey. Whether you are looking to shift your mindset to become more positive and focused or crush a career goal, cold water immersion can help you to get there. 


RENU Therapy Cold Stoic Standard cold plunge tank located in a customer’s home and backyard

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Next Month’s Cold Plunging Benefit

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