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I founded Renu Therapy in 2020. I had been an entrepreneur since high school and have always balanced my life with outdoor sports like surfing, tennis, and skiing. With an active lifestyle also comes the risk of injuries and when this happens, it's something that needs to be managed.

I was looking for recovery methods that would support a high level of performance into my 50's. As a practitioner of the "Wim Hof Method', I knew that Cold Water Immersion was effective. However, I had no access to really cold water, and did not like any of the cold tub products available. By accident on a ski trip, I plunged into a very cold "broken jacuzzi" at the mountain resort after a hard day of skiing. After jumping into the cold water before and after skiing everyday during the 4-day trip, I always felt rejuvenated. I realized it was a game changer and thus, was able to push my body the entire trip.

On the drive home from Mammoth Mountain, I was amazed that I felt better than on the drive up. This experience reinforced the idea of needing cold water immersion on a daily basis. During that drive, I turned to my wife Michelle and declared: "I can make a cold tank that will look amazing, work well, and be easy to operate. I can also make a business around this and give access to cold water to everyone!" Michelle turned to me with a supportive look and said "You should totally do that". Thus, Renu Therapy was born and we launched our first product, the Cold Stoic (Standard), 3 months later.

Our mission is to bring the world's best contrast therapy products to people around the world. All of our products feature best-in-class design, outstanding reliability & efficiency, and are easy to use. We also proudly build all of our products here in Southern California. If you are ever in our area, we'd love to schedule you for a visit to our showroom so you can try our products yourself.

We genuinely hope you love using our products as much as we love making them.

Stay Frosty & Thank You,

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