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A warm bath is out and an ice bath is in. It's time for us to go cold!

If you've taken warm baths your entire life, you're not the only one. Taking them is relaxing—it’s a great way to end the day. But until you start taking cold water immersion (CWI) and cold therapy you won't know what it is you're actually missing.

Taking ice baths, cold plunge, or simply submerging your body in cold water is an age-old practice done for its many health benefits.

See for yourself how a cold bath can change the way you live, feel, and behave. Take an ice bath with Renu Therapy's ice bath tub. You can drop by our shop to take a cool plunge.

Benefits of Ice Bath Tub

Cold Water Immersion (CWI) is the practice of surrounding one's body in coldness to reap various health benefits.

Though this practice dates as far back as bathing routines in ancient civilizations, today, there's abundant information available about the benefits of CWI and cold tub therapy.

In fact, various research tells us that ice therapy or cold baths, otherwise known as cold water immersion therapy, help with a wide array of concerns from muscle recovery and reduced inflammation to improved mood and heightened discipline, especially for athletic recovery.

Improves Athletic Performance

We all know to put ice on an injury. But did you know that exposing the body to the cold through cold plunge therapy can also serve as a preventive measure against injury? Exposing your body to extreme cold constricts your blood vessels, reduces swelling, and minimizes tissue breakdown—a fast method of recovery.

For these reasons, CWI or ice therapy after a workout has been shown to help with athletic muscle recovery and performance. In fact, cold water therapy is quickly becoming one of the most popular health trends today.

Gyms and clinics around the world now have ice bath recovery tubs to help their clients recover from post-workout muscle fatigue and inflammation.

Helps with Weight Loss

When a person is cold, the body works harder to maintain its core temperature. Because high temperature causes blood vessels to constrict, the circulatory system works a little harder. This means that consistently exposing yourself to the cold via cold water immersion (CWI), ice therapy, or cold therapy can train your body to function more efficiently.

Moreover, to help generate body heat, the body burns fat as fuel. This means that undergoing a series of CWI or cold tub therapy can lead to significant fat loss and can help people lose weight.

Boosts Immune System

The best investment one can make is investing in their wellbeing. Many things come and go, but health is priceless. That's why many who become believers of CWI do so for its immune-boosting properties.

Researchers believe that speeding up one's metabolic rate through exposure to low temperature also accelerates one's immune response. With a faster metabolism, the body can produce white blood cells at a faster rate, thereby protecting the body against infections and diseases more effectively.

Strengthens Your Mind

In this technologically advanced age, we're constantly bombarded with information. Hence we find our minds constantly working, exhausting us in the process.

Immersing oneself in an ice water soaking tub has the ability to bring an individual to that exact moment. Exposure to extreme temperatures sends the brain into survival mode and drives attention into laser focus.

When a person does CWI, this survival instinct helps them practice mindfulness and trains them to be present in life.

For many, cold water therapy improves their focus and increases their energy, making them better equipped to go about their day.

Getting Started with Ice Bath Tubs & CWI

It's Right For Me!

What to Consider When Getting Your Own Ice Bath Tub

Taking ice baths has never been easier. If you have access to a health clinic or a gym, they likely have ice bath recovery tubs you can use. But keep in mind that you will have to take ice baths more often than your once-a-week trips to the gym to get good results.

Most ice bath advocates actually have their own ice bath tubs at home that they can use whenever they want. This makes taking a cool dunk in your ice tub first thing in the morning possible, helping wake you up and priming you for the rest of your day.

If you've tried an ice bath and you love what it can do for you, then consider getting your own cold plunge tub. Compared to spending tons of money on products, dunking yourself in ice water is much easier and will save you a ton of money in the long run.

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