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Is Cold Plunge Safe?

The RENU can stay plugged in and is safe with the electrical system housed in an enclosed compartment away from water splash. The a DIY cold bath requires you to remember to unplug to avoid electrocution, and others are so low to the ground that water overflow can get into the electronics.

Will It "Stay Clean" For Daily Use?

RENU Therapy has a 4-Part Purification System that is All Natural with No Chemicals required! Ozone, or energetic oxygen, is a powerful oxidizer, combined with a 10" Filter System, surface Dirt and Oil Remover Buoy, and a Spa Sanitizer Mineral Stick that uses silver ions to destroy bacteria and algae. The RENU Plunge Tank stays clean and rarely requires a water change which conserves water. Others require chemicals and or continuous water changes.

What Are The Benefits of Cold Plunge and Why Should I Do It?

1. Instant mood boost with a release of norepinephrine & dopamine.

2. Combats inflammation and arthritis with anti-Inflammatory properties.

3. Boosts your immune system with an increase in immune cells.

4. Boosts your metabolism and helps with weight loss.

5. Improves your circulation.

6. Promotes lymphatic drainage.

7. Stimulates the Vagus nerve boosting your well-being.

8. Increases thermogenesis (control your own heat).

9. Heightens your discipline and focus.

What's the difference between Cold Plunging and Cryotherpay?

Laird Hamilton said it best on the Joe Rogan podcast when he said, "Go in an ice tub because cryo’s a cakewalk compared to a real ice tub." Check out our blog page for more information on the benefits of cold plunging.

How Cold Does The Cold Plunge Tank Get?

RENU Cold Plunge tanks can reach temperatures as low as 39º F. However, you can specify the temperature to your liking from 39º F to 55º F!

Does The Design Inspire and Elevate It's Surroundings?

The RENU Cold Plunge design is simple and yet modern. It looks great in any environment and looks good with the lid on or off. The integrated deck top is perfect for Wim Hof or mediation. All woodwork is handmade in the US and includes the traditional Japanese waterproofing technique Shou Sugi Ban (焼杉板) or the handcrafted Redwood that adds a warm glow to your cold exposure! Others can look homemade with exposed screws and hardware, or look silly when the lid is on.

Is The Cold Plunge Tank The Right Size and Shape For Me?

The RENU "Cold Stoic ™ (Standard Size)" plunge tank has a deep tank that makes it perfect for most shapes and sizes up to about 6'5" and 250 lbs. For bigger or taller people, the RENU "Siberian Cold Plunge ™ (Large Size) plunge tank is longer and provides enough space for just about anyone of any size to perform cold therapy. Both RENU cold tanks come with a matching wood step to make entry and exit easier for people of all sizes. Other cold plunge tanks are too low to the ground and not deep enough. A shallow cold tank limits the cold therapy experience and often results in water overflow onto the surroundings and sometimes the electrical components.

Does It Have A 5-year Limited Warranty?

The RENU Therapy ice bath offers a hassle free 5-year Limited warranty on most parts. We will take care of any potential warranty issue promptly so that you can continue your Cold Therapy or Contrast Therapy with the least amount of interruption possible. Other Cold Plunge Tank Sellers offer a mere 1-year warranty.

Do I get Free Shipping On My Order?

RENU offers Free Standard curbside shipping to your home or business. Others charge shipping to the customer.