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Siberian Cold Plunge (Large Size)



Our Siberian Cold Plunge TM tank is our largest tank and is ideal for individuals over 6'10" and 290 lbs or for those who just want a little extra plunging space.

Free Curbside Delivery (within the Contiguous US) includes curbside drop-off at your address on file.  It will be the customer's responsibility to move the tank off the pallet and to the final desired location within the property.

Lead times are currently 8-12 weeks. Each tank is built to order and lead times may shorten closer to your build date.

1. Choose your base color:
2. Choose Breath Deck Color:
California Redwood
Black / California Redwood
3. Upgrade

Add light into your cold plunge with our spa light feature. This product comes with a light installed into your unit, along with both red and blue lenses.

$319.99 (Optional)

5-Year Limited Warranty, which applies only to non-commercial, in-home, or residential use.
Designed & Assembled in California
Weatherproof design for outdoor or indoor use

High-Flow Chiller

Our 1/2 HP water chiller can be set to chill the water temperature down to as low as 39F (3.9C) & our magnetic drive water pump works with quiet, efficient, and reliable 24/7 performance. Featuring a magnet impeller assembly and an epoxy-encased power unit, our pump cycles an amazing 20 Gallons every minute and never gets contaminated with harmful oils or chemicals.Also, integrated into our system is a 2-stage filtration system with a removable large grate that catches larger debris and a flow-through, replaceable 50-micron water filter element for fine particles. Finally, our ultraviolet ozone generator discharges ozone into the water to help eliminate bacteria, viruses, and metals.

Intelligently Engineered, Designed, & Assembled in USA.

Our cold tanks are designed to last years. For example, our tanks feature a fully enclosed housing for the chiller system to ensure the longevity of all the electronics and pumps. Our tubs are Super Insulated for maximum efficiency and have a Leak Proof tank design. All of our products are constructed with the highest-quality components and have been extensively tested. Performance and reliability were considered in every step of our design process. Finally, we proudly design and assemble all of our cold tanks in Southern California.

Beautifully Designed for Indoors or Out

Customize your tank for your gym, garage, or outdoors space. Our designs are minimalist, modern, and can match any environment. We believe quality design deserves the best materials. We use beautiful Natural Woods like Cedar and Redwood, which are treated with all natural oils and no chemicals. Every unique unit has its own artful characteristics.

Quiet and Energy Efficient

Our fully sealed design combined with our custom high-flow chiller allows your cold tank to operate at a whisper.  You’ll barely notice it’s there! Our thermally insulated tub keeps water colder and separated from the elements.  This allows the chiller to work more efficiently and saves 30% more energy compared to other cold tanks.  Our tanks are so well insulated, that in our tests, water stays below 60 degrees F even 24 hours after we've fully unplugged our unit.



  • Exterior Dimensions: L 80” x W 33 5/8” x H 37"
  • Tank Dimensions: L 48" x W 24" x H 30"
  • Dry Weight: Approx 650 pounds (295 Kg)
  • Filled Weight (with 100 US Gallons): Approximately 1,500 lbs


  • Uses Standard 110 Volt
  • 1/2 Horsepower Chiller
  • Typical Power Consumption (while Chiller active): 350-500 Watts @ 3-5 Amps

Noise Rating (while Chiller is active)

  • 67 Decibels at a 2-inch distance from the large grill (with ventilation grills in place)
  • 58 Decibels at approximately 3 feet from the large grill (with ventilation grills in place)

Video Reviews

Alexander Ludwig

Actor Alexander Ludwig from Vikings has dreamed of owning a cold plunge since he was a kid.  Cold Exposure has even "saved his marriage".

Pamela Love

Jewelry Entrepreneur Pamela Love discovered cold exposure while recovering from pregnancy.  Now, she also uses Cold Stoic 2.0 to reached a "meditative state."

Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor and professional wrestler, who is most famous for his roles in Arrow and the new Heels series on Starz. He loves cold plunging in...

Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama is an actor and producer most known for his roles in NCIS and That 70's Show.  Recently, he has pursued a health transformation journey which incorporates Cold Water...

Derek Hough

Derek Hough, of Dancing with the Stars fame, stays in peak shape at age 37 by using his Renu Therapy Cold Stoic in his contrast therapy routine.

Garrett McNamara

Big Wave Surfer Garrett McNamara is probably in the best shape of his life because he is training with a heated sauna and cold plunge therapy.

Brett Eldredge

Singer/Songwriter Brett Eldredge cold plunges to stay at the top of the charts mentally and physically.

Rainn Wilson

Actor/Comedian/Producer Rainn Wilson loves regular cold plunging for the mental health benefits.

Yoel Romero

UFC MMA Fighter Yoel Romero tries out his new Renu Therapy Cold Plunge.

Scott E.

My energy is through the roof, my immunity is fantastic. I just feel fantastic.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jade Goodyear (Bella Vista, US)
Taking the Plunge

This cold plunge is a great addition to our facility. Members are loving it. We were a bit surprised with the higher level of maintenance it requires. Very frequent (almost daily) filter changes needed, a new cover needed (our handle ripped off quickly), and just more attention to this unit then we had originally thought. Steve has been great with helping us work through these challenges and we appreciate his help. Hoping to get our maintenance dialed in for this unit so it is more manageable and feasible.


Thanks for the kind words. As we had mentioned in the beginning, commercial use of a cold plunge will lead to many more filter changes than regular residential use, but we will continue to work together to minimize the amount of maintenance required for your plunge.

Renu Operations Manager

Gregory Kiley (Fairborn, US)

Very satisfied

Jim Shorkey (Irwin, US)

I love my cold plunge. One of the best purchases ever for me! THANK YOU!🙏

Greg Fanger (Denver, US)
Best Investment for Health

Haven't missed a day since it arrived. 46゚ water every morning for 10 minutes has seemed to be the best. Tried 45 minutes but that seemed to long. The whole family loves it. I now use a snorkel so I can keep completely submerged. Love it.

Nick Boos (Clovis, US)
Renu Therapy Cold Plunge

Absolutely loving my Renu cold plunge! Wife and I have not missed a day and we are spreading the word to as many people as we can. Worth every penny.

Susan Kerr (Phoenix, US)

Love it!

Jim Manning (Orange, US)
Game changer

It will be one of the tools that will change my life

Josh Ledbetter (Houston, US)
RenuTherapy Cold Plunge....Best there is!

Bill and his team are the best and so are their cold plunges. You won't find a better solution and its worth every penny paid!

Darin Coats (Preston, US)


Jack Haldrup (Los Angeles, US)
Love it

Loving the tank, beautiful, clean and gets down to around 40 temp no problem