Annual Maintenance Package
Annual Maintenance Package
Annual Maintenance Package
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Annual Maintenance Package



NOTE: This package only works with The Cold Stoic Classic, The Cold Stoic 2.0, and The Siberian.  For Cold Stoic 3.0, use the Cold Stoic 3.0 Annual Maintenance Package.

Everything you need for a full year of water purification :

  • Twelve RENU certified filters
  • Eight Earth-friendly oil and dirt buoys
  • Four Chlorine-Free, Eco-friendly sanitizer sticks


Instructions for use

Filter Cartridges

  • Our filters generally last between 2 to 6 weeks for residential use. However, the lifespan can vary depending on local water quality and usage. To extend the life of your filter, avoid contamination from sweat, dirt, sunscreen, body oil, and other impurities.
  • The Annual Maintenance Package typically lasts up to 12 months. However, this duration can vary by the factors mentioned above.

Spa Dirt & Oil Remover Buoy

  • Removes the water foam and oil slicks from the surface of your Cold Plunge Tank without adding chemicals!
  • Let the buoy float in your Cold Plunge Tank
  • Leave in or remove while you’re using your Cold Plunge Tank
  • Toss and replace at 6 weeks

Spa Sanitizer Mineral Stick

  • Eco-friendly way to keep your Cold Plunge Tank free from harmful bacteria and reduces the need for harsh chemicals; less skin irritation
  • Allow the sanitizer stick to stay on the bottom for the duration of 3 months.


Video Instructions


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Rhett Mitter (Washington, US)
It’s not really “annual” in my opinion

I probably change my filter once every 2 weeks. And the yellow stick probably needs changed every 2 months as last time I went just past 3 months, I had some algae like stuff building up on the walls.


Thanks for your feedback. Sorry you're not 100% happy with the product. I have issued you a gift card towards your next Annual Maintenance Package!!

Steve T Midgley
VP of Operations

Chris Atkinson (Atlanta, US)

Great company!

Jane Fiorella (San Jose, US)

Great product really works. I wish we had known about the extra filterration products as they are really effective.

Richard Gaby (Duluth, US)


Donald Proctor (West Palm Beach, US)

Last one only lasted 1 week before I had to replace due to lack of flow and not chilling properly. Sponges don’t seem to work and I don’t know if algae treatment is working or not


Thanks for your review. If your filters are only lasting 1 week, there is likely some kind of a problem. Give us a call at your convenience so we can troubleshoot and see what might be the cause. Also, if you do have a salt based water softening system, you will likely need to bypass the water softener when filling up your tank as the water softened water can cause problems with filters.

Either way, we only want happy customers, so I have issued a full refund for the item you purchased.

Again, please reach out at your convenience so we can see if there's any troubleshooting needed: 714-509-1320. That's my direct line. If I miss you, just leave a voicemail and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Steve T Midgley
VP of Operations

Thomas Rodriguez (Lakewood Ranch, US)
Great Package

Love the combo package. 5 stars all the way

Shannon Della Porta (Vero Beach, US)

great cold plunge great kit!!

Kristen Walsh (Miami, US)

Absolutely love my plunge!

Jeff Brady (Millbrae, US)
A must have and reasonably priced!!

Having all of these items will definitely help keep your tub, extra clean!! A must have!


This never arrived


We somehow never received notice of this review, but I do show the item was delivered. Please do reach out if for any reason you never received it. I'm not allowed to post our phone number or email in these reviews, but you can find our contact info in the bottom footer of any page on our website.