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Annual Maintenance Package
Annual Maintenance Package
Annual Maintenance Package
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Annual Maintenance Package

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 Everything you need for a full year of water purification :

  • Twelve RENU certified filters
  • Eight Earth-friendly oil and dirt buoys
  • Four Chlorine-Free, Eco-friendly sanitizer sticks


Instructions for use

Filter Cartridges

  • Swap out every month

Spa Dirt & Oil Remover Buoy

  • Removes the water foam and oil slicks from the surface of your Cryo Plunge Tank without adding chemicals!
  • Let the buoy float in your Cryo Plunge Tank
  • Leave in or remove while you’re using your Cryo Plunge Tank
  • Toss and replace at 6 weeks

Spa Sanitizer Mineral Stick

  • Chlorine eco-friendly way to keep your Cryo Plunge Tank free from harmful bacteria and reduces the need for harsh chemicals; less skin irritation
  • Allow the sanitizer stick to stay on the bottom for the duration of 3 months.


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What Cold Plungers Are Saying About Us

Jim O'brien

Cleobella fashion

"A mood changer, a holistic approach to feeling better, and one of the pillars from Wim Hof's breathing books." 

Scott Empringham

Founder of Empringham Media

"My energy is through the roof, my immunity is fantastic. I just feel fantastic."

Molly Laing

Health Enthusiast, Cleanse Counselor and Health Coach

"If you are thinking about purchasing one of these cold plunge pools, I highly recommend the Renu Therapy product"

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Cold Tank Benefits

Strength of Character

We believe quality design deserves the best materials. We use beautiful Natural Woods like Cedar and Redwood, treated with all natural oils and no chemicals. Every unit has its own artful characteristics, and is unique.

Always Cold And Ready For Your Morning Routine

You choose exactly how cold you want to be. Cold Stoic ™ constantly maintains the water at temperatures between 39 and 55 degrees. All of the cold without the work.

Always Clean And Easy To Maintain

Ozone, or energetic oxygen, is a powerful oxidizer of contaminants in water. Cold Stoic ™ naturally sanitizes water using ozone technology and a filter system reducing maintenance time and the need for chemicals.

Designed For Your Safety and Convenience

The Cold Stoic ™ Plunge Tank is the only unit that has all of the equipment inside a Weatherproof Mechanic’s Bay. Having the equipment enclosed is vital to safety and for keeping the equipment running properly!

Cold you Can Rely on

Set your desired temperature. Our chiller provides a high-performance titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and corrosion resistance, making sure that you stay focused on your Health Routine!

Natural Sanitation

Using advanced Ultra Violet technology as opposed to the cheaper and less effective Corona Discharge, our ozone generator cleans water without the use of chemicals for long life, output, and energy savings.

20 Gallons Of Water Every Minute

Our magnetic drive water pump works with quiet, efficient, and reliable 24/7 performance. Featuring a magnet impeller assembly and an epoxy encased power unit, our pump never gets contaminated with harmful oils or chemicals.

Keep Extreme Cold Temperatures

Our Proprietary insulation fills gaps and voids to create an energy saving thermal blanket that can lower cooling costs by 25% and reduce sound power by 60%.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kevin Barnes (San Rafael, US)
Very convenient, easy to use

Order once per year and you are done!

Rob Sprinz (Phoenix, US)
Excellent Customer Service

Great communication and customer service!
Thank you Renu for all of your support!

BRIAN GRYN (Deerfield, US)

Annual Maintenance Package

Greg Fanger (Louisville, US)
Clean & Cold

The Annual Maintenance Package is exactly what I need to keep the Siberian Cold Plunge Clean and Cold. Very satisfied with Supplies. As usual, you've thought of everything the end-user needs to stay Chill. Plunging never felt so good.

Overview of Cold Plunging

Less thinking and more Cold Plunging

For those who know the Power of an ice bath tub, the problem has always been, "How can I get my daily cold bath conveniently and safely without breaking the bank? The RENU Cold Tank was designed to be Cold, Clean, and ready for you every time. Cryotherapy is such an expensive hassle that most people are not consistent with during the week, and end up spending money without receiving any benefits. Getting ice is also a hassle that can be difficult to stay consistent with and requires tons of work and additional expenses. Although the DIY cold bath is at home, it is so unsafe and dirty that it should not be an option. The Health Benefits for cold plunging are Real and will change your life.....if you go into the Cold Daily. Finding a clean, safe, and convenient method to cold plunge will help you experience these benefits. No excuses, just jump in when you wake up and Charge your day, every day!

Earn your Health Benefits Daily with a Cold Plunge

The health benefits for cold plunging daily are a Robust Immune System, Less Inflammation, less arthritis, Healthier skin, Increased Thermogenisis (the ability to warm yourself), and increased Happiness. It sounds too good to be true, but it is not. You simply have to "Earn your Health Benefits" by jumping into your RENU Cold Tank daily. Much like exercise, it has to be earned. With Cold Water Immersion, most benefits take a few weeks before you start to notice; with one exception.....your Happiness. You always feel amazing when you get out of Cold Water, and that mood boost will be with you all day. You will feel like you have a Secret Weapon for achieving your goals!

Handmade to last, and backed up by a 5-Year Limited Warranty!

Each RENU Plunge Tank is built to last. The Exterior treatments are designed for indoor or outdoor use. UV Protection and specialized waterproofing enables you to focus on your Daily Routine and Health. The Mechanics of the RENU tanks are designed to be User Friendly, and should any of the covered components need replacing within the 5-year Limited Warranty period, our goal is to make sure you have a replacement part delivered promptly! We also are able to ship out filters, Spa Sponges, as well as a Mineral Sanitizer sticks every 3 months, so you can maintain clean and cold water.

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