Winter Tank Use

Winterizing Your Renu Cold Plunge

  1. Shut unit off
  2. Close both shut off valves (perpendicular to plumbing)
  3. Remove blue filter housing
  4. Pull filter out from inside the blue housing (be careful not to lose the black O-ring inside
  5. Put the blue filter housing back on (tight enough not to leak but not so tight you can't get it back off)
  6. Open both shut off valves again (parallel with plumbing)
  7. Turn unit back on
  8. Hook up hose to hose bibb
  9. Open hose bibb valve
  10. Close top left shut off valve
  11. Allow to drain until the pump stops pumping water (the sound the pump is making will change as well)
  12. Shut off unit
  13. Close hose bibb shut off valve
  14. Remove hose
  15. Drain rest of water out of tub using cups, old towels, shop vac, whatever works
  16. Remove blue filter housing and take inside for the winter (Make sure not to lose the Black O-ring from the inside lip of the blue housing)
  17. Disconnect both hoses from the water chiller
  18. Unplug the water chiller
  19. Remove the water chiller, drain it as best you can and take inside for the winter


Getting Your Tank Back Up and Running After the Winter

  1. Put chiller back inside tank with the front of the chiller facing the small side vent.
  2. Plug the chiller back in
  3. Reattach the hoses to the chiller. The hose coming from the top of the blue filter housing goes to the IN on the chiller. The hose going to the top-left shut off valve goes to the OUT on the chiller
  4. Put a filter inside the blue filter housing and reattach the filter housing (tight enough not to leak but not so tight you can't remove it again)
  5. Fill unit with water
  6. Turn unit on and check for leaks