Cold Plunge Tanks

Practice Cold Water Therapy with Our Cold Plunge Tubs

Do you think tired muscles are preventing you from getting optimal performance in sports? Or are you dealing with an ailment, injury, muscle spasm, arthritis, swelling, strained joints, or a health condition that puts you in constant pain?

For centuries, professional athletes struggled with post-workout muscle swelling and joint inflammations that held them back from performing their best. Injuries and conditions like arthritis have also kept many individuals wide awake at night with pain.

If you need something that will help you reach your peak athletic performance, cope with muscle swelling and joint pain, or reduce inflammation—look no further. The latest health trend in the health and wellness community that’s gaining huge traction is cold water immersion (CWI).

CWI is the practice of immersing the body in cold water to gain health benefits such as improving muscle recovery, easing pain, lowering blood pressure, and minimizing inflammation.

Sound too good to be true? Take a cold plunge and see the results for yourself. Drop by Renu Therapy to take a cold plunge for free!