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7 Benefits of Soaking in Ice Water Guaranteed to Convince You to Take the Plunge

As more science is uncovered revealing the benefits of cold plunging, more people are buying cold plunges for their homes. Professional athletes and physical therapists have been using cold plunge pools of various designs for decades, but now there are models on the market that are optimized for home use.

For example, RENU Therapy hand makes home cold plunge tubs 100% in the USA that can be placed in a home or small business. This enables owners to get relief from back pain, sore muscles, and sports injuries when they need it most. So what kind of health benefits might you enjoy with your own home cold plunge?

7 Health Benefits of a Home Cold Plunge 

Here are seven of the top health benefits you might experience by owning a cold plunge pool at home. From athletes to wellness enthusiasts, there's something for anyone.

1. Lifting Mood and Sharpening the Mind

Cold plunges trigger a flood of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters. This leads to a reduction in tension and stress, along with promoting a sense of well-being.

One research study revealed that over time, winter swimming was beneficial for mood enhancement. After four months of cold water swimming, the subjects reported higher mental energy levels and a more positive attitude than subjects who didn't do the polar plunge with regularity.

Another research study in 2007 found that cold showers were an effective additional form of treatment for depression symptoms. In the study, cold showers made a measurable positive impact on the efficacy of prescription medications for reducing the severity of depression symptoms.

2. Promote Quality Sleep Each Night

One ancillary benefit of mood enhancement is getting better sleep. Lower stress and a calm mind help tremendously with falling asleep and staying asleep.

Also, cold plunges reduce bodily aches and pains, which translates to a more comfortable time in bed. This means less tossing and turning, helping boost the quality of sleep. Some even find alternating from hot water to ice water helpful for falling asleep faster.

3. Support a Healthier Immune System

Taking the cold plunge can even help support a healthier immune system. By triggering the lymphatic system to swing into action, bacteria and bodily toxins are flushed away throughout your body. Microbes and cell waste are disposed of, cleansing the body for a stronger immune system.

4. Faster Muscle Recovery After Exercise

When muscle soreness comes on strong, you want fast relief. A major benefit of a regular ice tub treatment routine is faster muscle recovery following intense workouts. When you're wanting relief from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), nothing beats ice baths.

5. Alleviate Aching Back Muscles

For those seeking a natural remedy for back pain, getting in an ice bath tub is truly heavenly. Inflammation of aching back muscles can be quickly relieved with immersion in ice-cold water. This causes blood vessels to constrict rapidly, reducing painful inflammation. Plunging in ice-cold water simply gets results.

6. Faster Cool Downs Post-Workout

Keeping your core body temperature low is essential to peak performance. When you're after the fastest way to lower your core body temperature after a hard workout in the heat, one of the best things to do is submerge your body in an ice bath.

With RENU Therapy cold plunge tub at home, you have the ability to get instant cool-downs anytime!

7. Aid With Injury Recovery

For decades now, one of the primary reasons people have climbed into everything from an ice barrel to a frozen lake is to treat injuries along with joint and muscle swelling.

The widely accepted method for alleviating pain and swelling amongst therapists is called the RICE method, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Cold water immersion delivers the same icing benefits across your whole body, treating normally hard-to-reach areas.

Why Own a Cold Plunge Tub at Home?

When you have a RENU Therapy cold plunge tank at home, you have the power to improve your health and wellness anytime. Because they're only the size of a small single-person hot tub, our tanks easily and beautifully fit almost anywhere at home. 

Having always-cold water temperatures for treatment empowers you to quickly alleviate sore muscles, reduce lactic acid buildup, and rapidly cool down after intense workouts. Maintaining a consistent cold plunge therapy routine couldn't be simpler with RENU Therapy!

When Cold Plunge Quality Counts, Get RENU Therapy!

At RENU Therapy, our cold plunge tanks are made 100% in the USA by hand. That's why we can offer an industry-leading warranty. Simply put, we'll stop at nothing to guarantee excellent customer satisfaction with each cold plunge tub we sell!

Featuring multiple tank style options, we make it easy to match the appearance of your home. Our cold plunging tubs feature a world-class design and a superior filtration system that lasts. Read all the reviews and see why our cold therapy tub is the best investment for your health.

Start benefitting from cold water therapy at home anytime, contact us at 714-617-2007 at RENU Therapy today!