8 Cold Tub Therapy Benefits to Consider

8 Cold Tub Therapy Benefits to Consider

8 Cold Tub Therapy Benefits to Consider

Cold tub therapy is far more convenient when you have a RENU cold therapy tank at home. Our cold baths are the size of a small single-person hot tub, making it easy to fit them neatly in your home.

With always-ready cold temperatures for treatment or cold water immersion (CWI), you can quickly alleviate sore muscles, lactic acid buildup, and cool down after an intense workout. Establishing a regular cold tub therapy routine couldn't be simpler than owning a RENU cold exposure tub!

When is the Best Time to Take an Ice Bath?

Taking an ice bath or cold shower can be beneficial just about any time of day or night. Most commonly, ice baths are taken after high-intensity workouts, exercise in the heat, after injuries, or even in the afternoon for a refreshing mental boost.

How Long Should You Stay in Ice Baths?

When taking a dip in a RENU cold tub therapy tank, it's important to limit sessions to no longer than ten minutes. Also, consult your doctor about the safest amount of time for you personally before diving in. With more exposure, it's possible to increase your cold therapy endurance but requires a strict routine and close self-monitoring.

Cold Water Immersion Benefits

The numerous benefits of cold water immersion, an ice bath, or a cold shower are becoming more widely known. Sports therapists and professional athletes have been using this type of therapy for years, and now health spas are catching on to cold water therapy as well.

Thankfully, cold therapy doesn't have to be reserved for pro athletes and pricey spas. RENU Therapy handmakes cold water immersion tanks 100% in the USA for home or small business use. Get relief for delayed onset muscle soreness and sports injuries anytime in the comfort of your own home. Beyond these widely reported positives, what other benefits does cold water immersion offer?

1. Improve Muscle Recovery

When delayed onset muscle soreness strikes, you want rapid recovery. One of the leading benefits of ice tub treatment is reducing the time it takes to recover from intense workouts and muscle soreness. If you want the fastest alleviation of DOMS, there's nothing better than taking ice baths!

2. Prevent Muscle Soreness

Immersion in cold water causes blood vessels to constrict. Immediately after workouts, muscles and joints can swell. Dunking in ice-cold water can quickly reduce this swelling, helping prevent sore muscles after working out.

3. Quickly Cool Down Your Body

The fastest way to bring your core body temperature back down after a hard workout in the heat is by submerging your body in an ice bath. Having a RENU cold plunge tub at home makes instant cool-downs possible anytime!

4. Boost Mental Health

In 2007, one research study found cold showers to be an effective aid for curbing depression symptoms. When included in a lifestyle routine, cold showers were found to be complementary to prescription medications in lifting moods.

Cold tub therapy produces a flood of mood-boosting neurotransmitters, easing tension and stress and producing a feeling of calmness. Yet another study found winter swimming to be beneficial for mood enhancement. The study found that four months of cold water swimming made subjects feel more energetic and upbeat than those who had not gone for regular frigid swims.

5. Improve Your Sleep with Cold Tub Therapy

Cold tub therapy helps reduce aches and pains, which helps you more comfortably fall asleep at night. Some even find using contrast water therapy, alternating from ice water to hot water, to be effective in helping them fall asleep faster.

6. Reduce Injury Risk

Cold therapy has been used for injuries or joint and muscle swelling for some time now. A commonly known method for alleviating pain and swelling is the RICE method, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Cold water immersion can provide the same icing benefits but for your entire body.

Cold causes blood vessels to constrict, and it's this shrinking of blood vessels that reduces swelling, pain, and muscle soreness. Additionally, cold tub therapy can help slow the nervous system’s transmission of pain signals, curbing the perception of pain.

7. Prepare Your Body for Your Next Workout

Part of your body's way of preparing for the next workout is by flushing toxins from your muscles. This duty is the lymphatic system's job, and one of the leading benefits of cold water immersion therapy is that it helps improve the function of this system.

8. Boost Your Immunity

CWI therapy can help promote lymphatic system function. Bacteria and bodily toxins are flushed by the lymphatic system, made up of vessels running throughout your body. Microbes and cell waste are carried away, cleansing your body for boosted immunity.

Why Choose a RENU Cold Immersion Tub?

At RENU Therapy, we make cold plunge tanks 100% in the USA by hand. Our tanks come with an industry-leading warranty, and we go the extra mile to deliver 100% customer satisfaction!

Multiple tank styles make it easy to match the looks of your home. Our cold water therapy tubs feature a world-class design that brings beauty to wherever they're placed.

Benefit from Cold Water Immersion Any Time

Contact RENU Therapy today and get the health benefits from cold water therapy at home whenever you want!