Where to Buy a Cold Plunge for One Person to Use at Home

Where to Buy a Cold Plunge for One Person to Use at Home

Which Cold Plunge Tub is Right for You?

If you've established a regular cold plunge practice and want a more convenient way to get your immersion routine in, buying a cold plunge tub for your home is ideal. With so many options out there, how do you know which one is right for your needs? Read on to learn more about finding the best cold plunge tank for home use.

Cold Plunge Tubs Product Details

When searching for the perfect cold plunge solution for your home, keep an eye out for the details, such as power consumption. RENU Therapy cold immersion tanks are incredibly energy-efficient, using only 350-500 Watts @ 3-5 Amps when the chiller is running.

Performance of Cold Water Therapy Tubs

With a RENU cold water therapy tank, you choose exactly how cold you want the water to be. Our Cold Stoic TM and Siberian Cold Plunge TM tanks constantly maintain the water at temperatures between 39 and 55 degrees. You get all of the cold water without the work!

Home Cold Plunge Tub Technology

RENU cold plunge tub technology delivers always-cold water for diving into your cold immersion routine whenever the time is right for you.

The True Value of a Cold Tub

When it comes to muscle recovery, blood pressure, and developing a more robust immune system, cold immersion therapy is hard to beat. Cold immersion mavens also report health benefits such as improved sleep, sharper focus, and quicker recoveries from stress and pain.

Owning a RENU cold tub saves you time and money by enabling you to take an ice bath anytime the need arises, rather than needing to visit an expensive spa or sports therapy center.

Consider the Details When Shopping for a Cold Plunge Tank

Designed in Southern California, RENU cold therapy tubs are compact in size and lightweight, allowing them to be installed almost anywhere! Our cold tanks only need a standard 110-volt outlet, so you don't need to install any special electrical equipment.

When selecting the best spot to place your cold tank, finding a tank with a minimal footprint and weight will give you the most flexibility. RENU tanks measure a mere 64” long, 33” wide, and 34” tall. And without water, the tubs weigh only 370 pounds, making it possible to put one almost anywhere!

Cooling time

RENU cold plunge pools maintain a steady temperature between 39ºF and 55ºF. The programmable thermostat enables you to control the temperature of the ice tub to your preference, allowing you to take a perfect plunge whenever you want.

Required Voltage for Hookup

Some cold plunge tanks may require special electrical connections to be installed, adding to the setup effort, not to mention the cost of having an electrician come out. RENU cold water immersion tubs simplify setup by only needing a standard 110V 3-prong outlet. The supplied power cord is 7.5 feet long, and because it only draws a maximum of 500 watts, you can use a standard grounded 3-prong extension cord if necessary.

Water Supply Needs

Different cold plunge tanks have different water supply and drainage needs. Be sure to consider what water supply you have available where you plan to use the cold water tank, along with how and where the water can be drained.

How is the Cold Tank Filled?

RENU Therapy cold therapy tanks only need a simple garden hose to fill—no hard pipe installation necessary! If you can reach the RENU tub with a hose, you're good to go.

How usable is the drain?

The 80-gallon tank is set up with a hose bib connection and accommodates any regular garden hose for easily draining the tank. Just get a garden hose long enough to reach a drain hole or part of your yard the water can flow into. Because there are no chemicals needed for RENU cold tanks, you don't have to worry about damaging your lawn or plants when draining your RENU tank.

Maintenance Requirements

Keep in mind—not all cold plunge pools are created equal when it comes to how much maintenance is needed. Some cold water therapy baths need chemicals to stay clean, adding to the overall cost, along with considerable hassle.

RENU cold therapy tubs are made to keep running perfectly with minimal maintenance needs. Our cold tubs only need a simple filtration refresher once per month. Just swap out one quick-change filter and two buoys, and you're done! It's easy to keep your cold plunging clean with the RENU cold tub quarterly maintenance package, which includes everything needed for 3 months of crystal-clear cold water:

  • Three RENU certified filters
  • Two Earth-friendly oil and dirt buoy
  • One Chlorine Eco-friendly sanitizer stick
  • Why Choose a RENU Cold Tub?

    RENU cold plunge tubs are handmade with care in the USA. We provide the best warranty coverage on the market and will stop at nothing to ensure 100% customer satisfaction for every cold tub sold!

    RENU makes two styles of cold plunge tubs to match your home's design perfectly. Our Cold Stoic TM and Siberian Cold Plunge TM immersion therapy tubs feature world-class designs that enhance the beauty of your home.

    Cold Plunge Pool Access ANY Time

    Contact RENU today and start taking all of your cold plunges at home!