How to Use Your RENU Cold Plunge Maintenance Items

How to Use Your RENU Cold Plunge Maintenance Items

Here, we will talk about RENU Cold Plunge maintenance or water purification items. The quarterly package includes three filters, two oil buoys, and a spa mineral stick. 

Starting off with the filters. The filters are your typical, one or two people using the cold tank, once or twice a day. With this frequency, the filter will last about three to four weeks.

Comparing Renu Therapy’s filters to the market, there are a lot of other affordable filters out there that will not work well and will clog up your system, and potentially overheat your pump that will cause a lot of problems on your ice bath tub moving forward. 

Expert advice from Renu Therapy’s founder, Bill Bachand “I would say a quarterly would get you; three would get you through a quarter. If you're using more, you can always buy like a 12-pack of filters to supplement and add more”

The next item is an oil buoy from Renu Therapy. This material is a sponge-type material. It's the same material they use for oil cleanups in the ocean when there's an oil spill. Oil in the water, the ozone will eventually break it up, but you want to get it out of there as soon as possible. The other thing is oil attracts dirt, so the oil in the dirt will track and then they will get absorbed by the sponge or the buoy. 

The buoy is good for about six weeks. “Personally, when I get into the cold plunge, I use the buoy to kind of wipe the sides down, so I kind of use it as a cleaning item as well, and then in six weeks, I let it go.” Bachand explained.

This is also a part of the purification plan of Renu Therapy and this is called the spa mineral stick.

This is a redundancy; the ozone really does all the heavy lifting, but this is just a little something extra, and this has silver ions in it, and so this will help kill any, you know, extra bacteria or algae or anything like that.

Per Bill Bachand’s personal experience “It's like I say, a redundancy. You literally just throw it on the bottom of the tank and forget about it. This will go about three months, and then you toss it out and throw a new one in.”

So that's Renu Therapy water purification plan.