Ice Bath Benefits For Brain and Body

Ice Bath Benefits For Brain and Body

Why Do People Take Ice Baths?

The benefits of ice bath immersion are being revealed by science more and more each day. For decades sports training experts and physical therapists have been utilizing ice baths for their wide range of physiological benefits. Today, amateur athletes and peak mental performance enthusiasts are starting to recognize the benefits of ice bath therapy as well. But, while taking a cold shower might be a good way to start an ice bath routine, there is no substitute for the real thing if you seek the full benefits of ice bath therapy. Let's cover the many ways that ice baths can benefit your brain and body.

Benefits Of Ice Baths: Why I Traded in My Hot Tub

Ice baths have been used for many years in sports medicine to help reduce inflammation and speed up injury recovery. Now, this highly effective therapy method is available for in-home use with a RENU Therapy ice bath tank. RENU cold therapy tanks are roughly the size of a small hot tub, handsomely fitting into your home's surroundings.

When you have your own ice bath tub, you'll enjoy always-ready ice-cold water for post-workout sessions and afternoon mental refreshment. With RENU, you're empowered to rapidly alleviate sore muscles, clear lactic acid buildup, and cool down after heated workouts. Your RENU ice bath tub will make establishing a regular cold therapy practice a breeze!

Faster Recovery from Exercise and Injury

Faster muscle recovery

Cold exposure makes blood vessels constrict, helping to reduce inflammation and promoting healthy blood flow. Directly after exercise, muscles and joints can begin swelling, negatively impacting muscle recovery and heightening the risk of injury. Dunking in an ice bath post-exercise can rapidly reduce swelling and inflammation, reducing the likelihood of delayed onset muscle soreness and joint injuries.

How To Get The Health Benefits Of Ice Baths

Fortunately, ice baths aren't just for pro athletes and sports recovery. RENU Therapy handmakes ice water immersion tubs 100% in the USA perfectly sized for your home or small business. Beyond sports recovery, what are some of the additional health benefits provided by ice baths?

Get A Whole-Body Boost In An Ice Bath

Support immune system function

Ice baths help encourage lymphatic system function, helping flush bacteria and bodily toxins away all throughout the body. Unwanted microbes and cell wastes are carried away, ridding your body of impurities for improved immunity.

Optimize your sleep

Reducing aches and pains is incredibly helpful for getting more restful sleep. Ice baths help reduce pain and inflammation while promoting a sense of well-being and calmness so you can more easily and comfortably fall asleep. For maximum sleep benefits, contrast water therapy, alternating from hot water to ice water, is another popular therapy option that RENU makes simpler.

Energize Your Brain and Elevate Your Mood

Support mental health

In 2007 one scientific research study on cold water exposure found that cold showers are effective for curbing depression symptoms. When part of a lifestyle routine, cold showers were found to aid the effectiveness of prescription medications for better mood-lifting outcomes.

Ice baths trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to release mood-enhancing neurotransmitters, helping ease tension and stress, as well as promoting feelings of calmness and peace. Another study concluded that winter swimming is useful for mood-lifting as well. The study found that after four months of cold water swimming, subjects felt more energetic and positive than those who hadn’t taken polar plunges during the same period.

Spark New Energy and Spike Your Metabolism

More evidence is being discovered about the efficacy of cold water immersion for amplifying the human body's natural healing abilities. Health and wellness clinics are increasingly using ice water therapy to promote increased energy levels and metabolism, along with better brain function for increased mental focus.

Precautions When Taking a Plunge into the Ice

How long should you stay in your RENU ice bath?

Especially when first starting out with ice baths, it's critical to limit sessions to under ten minutes in your RENU ice bath therapy tub. Also, it's important to consult your doctor about the amount of time that's safe for you to spend in ice bath therapy. For some folks, more exposure might increase cold therapy endurance, but establishing a strict routine and close self-monitoring is essential.

Why Choose A RENU Cold Water Immersion Tank?

Instantly Available Cold Water

Traditional whirlpool ice bath tubs don't deliver consistently ice-cold water for home cold therapy. A purpose-made ice bath therapy tank like those from RENU Therapy provides you with constantly refrigerated water for instant ice water immersion benefits whenever you desire. RENU cold water therapy tubs are nearly three feet deep, enabling anyone to achieve a full immersion in cold water for maximum therapeutic effects.

Handmade 100% USA Manufacturing

RENU Therapy ice bath tanks are 100% made in the USA by hand. Our tanks come with the best warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction rating, because we closely examine how every ice bath tank is produced in our US manufacturing facility, ensuring delivery of the finest ice bath tub available.

Elevated Design and Exceptional Attention to Detail

When you demand elevated design and exceptional attention to detail, RENU Therapy's handmade in the US ice bath tubs are unmatched. RENU's ice bath tubs, Siberian Cold Plunge TM and Cold Stoic TM, are hands-down the most beautifully designed and crafted ice water immersion tubs available. You can expect exquisite craftsmanship with every cold water immersion tub we produce.

All of our cold water tanks are backed by a 5-year express warranty, so you rest assured you'll enjoy totally uninterrupted ice baths whenever it's best for your physical and mental health. The team at RENU Therapy takes its ice baths as seriously as you, so we always do whatever it takes to ensure perfect cold immersion experiences every time!