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The Rusticus 6-Person Indoor Sauna



The Rusticus 6-Person Indoor sauna is the largest of the Rusticus indoor saunas and has multiple seat levels that can accommodate up to 6 persons, with a lot of space to stretch out. This sauna is great for people who enjoy having companions in a sauna bath. It also features an L-shaped bench that serves as an extension. Its interior highlights a LED light bar that provides a gentle glow for a carefree atmosphere. Its standalone feature makes it suitable to be placed on different floorings such as laminate, concrete, tile, and vinyl floor surfaces but is discouraged to be settled down on a surface such as carpet. The Rusticus 6-Person indoor sauna efficiently distributes heat and is an eye-catcher because of its pleasing aesthetics.


The Rusticus 6-Person is available in Rustic Cedar. This indoor sauna features its stainless steel hardware and is kept together by top-quality tongue-and-groove lumber and hinges. It also features cylindrical handles that make opening and closing the door to the sauna easier. The fully-tempered glass door was also built to appreciate the interior of the indoor sauna.


The Rusticus 6-Person comes with an 8kW electrical heater and sauna stones, which can be utilized for either a dry or steam sauna. Adding water to the sauna stones creates a rejuvenating burst of steam and humidity. This sauna comes with dial-in controls on the heater. A ladle and bucket are perfect for applying water to the sauna stones. Essential oils are great if you want to add some relaxing scents to your sauna. You can also upgrade your heater to the varieties that we offer! The description of different heater options is below.

The Xenio Wifi heater upgrade is our premiere control panel that provides digital controls through your phone.


Inside the Rusticus sauna has interior LED lighting that provides a gentle glow to its surroundings and adds a refreshing and calm ambiance. The upper and lower benches are perfect for inviting friends or family to enjoy sauna baths.

1. Lumber:
Rustic Red Cedar
2. Door Style:
All Glass Door
Rustic Red Cedar / All Glass Door / 8kW KIP Built-in Controls
3. Heater:
8kW KIP Built-in Controls
Limited lifetime warranty on the sauna room; 5-year limited lifetime warranty on the heater and its components, with a 1-year warranty on the heating elements (coils).
Made in the USA.
Great for indoor use.

High Performance

Our saunas offer a variety of heater options. The hot stone heaters and can be used as a dry or steam sauna. You can reach as much as 195°F in less than an hour. 

Sustainably Sourced

Our saunas are built with Fir and Cedar lumber, sustainably sourced from North West America. Lumber choice is important as It determines the durability, style, atmosphere, and longevity of your sauna. The lumber we offer holds in heat, is resistant to, and ebbs and flows with the elements.

Customize Your Design

Choose from different types of lumber. Customize from different types of doors. Upgrade to different heater options. Our saunas can be fully customized for your home and needs.

Crafted in the USA

All of our saunas are beautifully designed and built to last. With proper care and maintenance they will last a lifetime. We proudly make all of our saunas in the USA.


  • Capacity: 6 Persons
  • Heater Size: 8kW, 30-Amp Electrical Requirements, Hardwire Connect (requires professional electrician)
  • Maximum Rated Temperature: 195F (90.5C)
  • Lighting Specifications: 110V, 15-Amp Electrical Requirement
  • Exterior Measurements: 85” width x 63” depth x 77” height
  • Interior Measurements: 81” width x 58” depth x 77” height
  • Lower Bench Seating Size: 81” length x 14” width x 22” height
  • Upper Bench Seating Size: 24” length x 26” width x 22” height
  • Door Size: 64” height x 24” width
  • Window Size: 64” height x 17” width (2)
  • Ship Size: 74” length x 40” width x 49” height
  • Ship weight: 850 lbs.
  • Assembly weight: 845 lbs.
  • Note: All dimensions are approximate

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