Hyoga vs. RENU Cold Plunge Tubs

Hyoga vs. RENU Cold Plunge Tubs

Comparing The Main Aspects Of Cold Plunge Tubs

When it comes to cold plunge pools, the athletic performance benefits have been known for some time. Now, ice baths are growing in popularity for home use, and even more health benefits are being discovered. For example, many people are finding they get an immune system boost from contrast therapy, the practice of alternating exposure to hot and cold temperatures using hot tubs and cold plunge tubs (also called cold plunge pools).

Whatever your reason for buying a cold plunge pool, installing one in your own home is no small decision. While cold plunge pools may not seem complicated, there can be significant differences from one cold tub to the next.

Crucial Considerations For Cold Plunge Tubs

Purpose-built cold water immersion tubs for home use maintain water temperatures ranging from 39º to 55º Fahrenheit without needing to add ice. This constant water cooling requires pumps and chiller equipment, along with ozone sanitation systems to keep the water clean. Also, suitability for outdoor placement and color options can vary between brands.

Fully comparing cold plunge tubs requires running down a list of crucial factors to ensure you get the most from your investment in cold water immersion.

Let's cover the various factors for comparing cold plunges to be sure you buy the brand that best meets your needs over the long term. We'll also cover the differences between Hyoga and RENU Therapy regarding these factors.

How Reliable Will The Cold Plunge Tub Be?

Where Are Most Of The Components Made?

Where most of the components of a cold water therapy tank are made will impact its reliability and overall lifespan.

Cold plunge tub companies often cut costs using Chinese-made critical cold tank components like chillers, circulation pumps, and ozone sanitizers. This puts the reliability and longevity of your cold tank in jeopardy.

When you look at where the components come from on each tank, you'll find that RENU cold plunge tanks have far more North American components than Hyoga, making RENU an incredible value for the reliability you can count on.

RENU: 80% of the main components are made in North America, not China.

Hyoga: Nearly 60% of the components are made in China.

Are The Critical Components Exposed To The Elements?

Cold plunge tanks have mechanical components that should be protected from the elements. Corrosion and rust can build on critical parts like pumps, and wiring and circuitry connections, potentially hurting cooling performance and the tank's lifespan. RENU cold plunge tanks have completely enclosed critical components, unlike Hyoga cold plunge tanks.

RENU: Fully enclosed, so all electrical devices are protected from splash-over and weather.

Hyoga: No, The chiller control panel is exposed to the elements

How Does The Lid Fit?

If the lid of a cold plunge tub doesn't fit flush, there's a risk of an improper seal, which may result in the water losing its low temperature. Not only do inset flush lids keep water ice cold and ready at any moment, but they also conserve energy and have a more elegant appearance.

RENU: Has an inset flush lid that's made in-house to ensure it blends into the high-quality aesthetics.

Hyoga: Has a bulky lid made by a third party that extends past the body and has a non-uniform appearance. There are color options, but they don't blend with the tank exterior.

Comfort And Safety Are Crucial For Cold Tubs

How Ergonomically Is The Cold Plunge Tub Designed?

When cold plunging for pain reduction and faster injury recovery, having an ice bath tank that's easy to plunge in comfortably is critical. Getting in and out of a cold plunge pool can be difficult when injured or in pain from a hard workout, so the ergonomics of a cold tub shouldn't be overlooked. Is there a place to sit to more slowly slide into the water, or is it uncomfortable? Having a breath deck and comfortable frame make RENU tubs easy to get in and out of.

RENU: Comfortable and deep for splash-free entry and includes a breath deck.

Hyoga: Cumbersome top frame, no breath deck.

Should Your Cold Therapy Tub Have A Breath Deck?

If you don't like the idea of just diving right into a cold plunge tub, being able to sit on the edge to work on your breath first is a welcome option. Cold tubs with a breath deck provide you somewhere to sit when getting in and out of your cold therapy tank, improving the overall ergonomics of the experience. Not all cold tubs have breath decks, so imagine the cold therapy routine you'll want each day. RENU is the only tub with a breath deck.

RENU: Beautifully crafted wooden breath deck with your choice of wood stains.

Hyoga: No breath deck.

How Safe Is The Design Of The Cold Tank's Ozone System?

Cold plunging is only as beneficial as how sanitary your tank is. Do you want to test your water quality every time? If not, you'll want a cold plunge tub that has sanitation equipment you can count on.

Low-quality ozone sanitation systems risk the buildup of harmful bacteria in the cold plunge water. So, examine the ozone sanitation system of the cold therapy tub you're considering.

RENU: Superior UltraViolet Ozone Generator

Hyoga: Corona Discharge Ozone system. This design can result in reduced ozone production after as little as 6-months to 1-year of use. A byproduct called Nitric Acid can gum up the tubing, causing problems that create tiny debris in the water. Users often cannot tell when the unit stops working.

Will The Cold Tub Work Well For Your Particular Needs?

Do You Have Cold Tub Color Options?

Who wants their cold plunge tub to clash with their home surroundings? Customizing the exterior of your cold tub allows you to enjoy quality aesthetics that complement your home's spaces. RENU provides you ultimate latitude in exterior color and wood stain options.

RENU: 5 exterior color options plus multiple wood stain options.

Hyoga: Only Black

How Much Does The Cold Tub Cost?

When you compare the strengths of RENU cold plunge tubs to the drawbacks of Hyoga tubs, it's tough to justify the higher price Hyoga charges.

RENU cold tubs are unbeatable for cold plungers who are serious about maximizing their wellness without sacrificing quality aesthetics and reliability.

RENU: $9,699.99

Hyoga: From $8,595

Create The Perfect RENU Cold Plunge Tub

Are you ready to start cold plunging with RENU? Check out our cold plunge tank customizer to build your ideal cold plunge pool today.

Select a standard or large tub size, custom exterior color, and wood finish for the breath deck. RENU will then hand-craft your ideal cold plunging tank for your home.