How to Troubleshoot Your RENU Cold Plunge

How to Troubleshoot Your RENU Cold Plunge

In this article, we are focusing on troubleshooting your RENU Cold Plunge tank.

To help you get started, Bill Bachand put together this simple guide. Let’s dive right in: 

  1. Water leaks - This is the plumbing assembly with the pump and the filter housing. A couple of good places to check are the unions. First, dry the unit to see where the leak is coming from. So with the unions, these are just a hand type. If it's something near the valve, please give us a call and we can guide you over a call.

  2. Leaking hoses - The hoses come in, come out, from the filter housing. The hose coming off the filter housing, going into the chiller and out of the chiller and into the tank. These hose clamps sometimes will leak a little bit, and they're really easy just to tighten back up.

  3. Chiller nozzles - These are hand tightened, and a lot of times, people won't tighten them down, very tight. There's a rubber cork in there that has to be compressed, so you just want to make sure that those are nice and tight. Dry it off, and see if that stopped any kind of leaking.

  4. Low water flow - Look at the jet, this is where the water comes in. That's a good flow, and you can see all the ozone bubbles coming in. So if you have a low flow and either limited bubbles or sometimes even no bubbles, then you likely have a dirty filter. So if that's the case, then just go through and do a filter change.

    - The other thing with low water flow is you want to make sure that these valves are in the open position.

  5. Tank and water cooling - Sometimes it'll be a challenge, where you will feel that the water is not very cold. So you want to check and make sure that your thermostat has been set. So this one is set at, hold it down, this one's set at 39, it's at 52. This is, we just put water in, so it's doing its job; it's cooling down.

    - So if you've adjusted the temperature on the chiller, and it's still not doing it, then you want to just confirm that you have a fresh filter in, and you want to make sure that your hoses are in the right position.

  6. Water Dirty -  It's not filtering or not cleaning as quickly as it should. Number one, as always, check and make sure you have a fresh filter in. If you have a fresh filter, and the water is still not looking crispy, clean, and clear, and you can see the bottom, you might have a problem with your ozone. So on the ozone machine, we have a really good