How to Set Up an Athlete Ice Bath Tub Like a Pro

How to Set Up an Athlete Ice Bath Tub Like a Pro

How to Set Up an Athlete Ice Bath Tub Like a Pro


For people seeking the fastest athletic recovery, the benefits of cold therapy have been widely advocated for years. Improved cardiovascular efficiency, reduced recovery times, the ability to rapidly lower body temperatures after high-intensity workouts are all benefits of ice baths. Even better, they provide excellent alleviation of pain from DOMS and joint injuries.

Cold water immersion is often recognized as a method to harness the body's natural healing powers. Athletic trainers, wellness clinics, and health spas are offering cold water therapy services more and more as we learn more about their benefits. For athletes, perhaps the ultimate tool for peak performance is having an ice bath tub at home. For those wanting to set up an athlete ice bath tub like a pro, RENU Therapy is the premier choice. Let's dive into the reasons why.

How to take Ice Baths at Home?

RENU makes an ice bath routine simple and low-maintenance. Once your RENU cold tank is filled up, simply plug it into a regular power outlet, turn it on, and set the desired temperature—no need to mess with bags of ice!

RENU cold plunge tanks clean themselves, so they rarely require water changes, minimizing water consumption and hassle. Other ice baths require chemicals or continuous water changes, or both! RENU tubs feature four-part purification with no chemicals necessary.

Of course, always following the safety fundamentals of ice baths will ensure years of cold therapy at home in your RENU cold therapy tub.

Perfecting Cold Therapy Water Temperature

RENU allows you to perfect your cold plunge routine by enabling a wide range of always-ready temperatures. RENU cold therapy tanks can maintain steady temperatures as low as 39º F even while outdoors in hot climates. If you're just starting out with ice baths, RENU allows you to set the temperature to a milder 55º F.

Duration of an Ice Water Bath

The safest duration for ice baths is ten minutes or less. Consult your doctor before starting cold immersion therapy to ensure the safest plunge possible. It can be possible to increase your cold endurance, but this takes a solid routine over extended time frames.

What to Do while taking an Ice Bath

Listen to music

Listening to music in an ice bath can be an effective way to keep your mind off the cold. Some like to sing or hum along, while others simply let the music carry their mind to a different place.


Taking an ice bath can be the perfect time to practice strengthening your meditation game. Focusing your mind on being still and calm amidst adversity is essential training for both cold endurance and athletic performance.

Staying calm by slowly counting

If meditation isn't your thing, simply counting slowly can prove effective for calming the mind and shifting your attention from the feeling of being cold. Focusing on a slow, rhythmic task can work wonders when the mind is telling you to get out of the cold water therapy tank.

How do you take Safe Ice Baths?

Taking ice baths can make a huge difference when you want to recover faster from swelling, inflammation, pain, and injury. That said, it's crucial to keep safety top of mind. Remember always to use best practices for safe cold water immersion. Keep someone nearby to track your blood pressure and body temperature. Maintain deep, rhythmic breathing, and limit your sessions to ten minutes or less. And, before you start a cold water therapy routine, check with your doctor to ensure you're a good fit.

What's the Optimal Post Ice Bath Routine?

It's best to start by warming back up from the inside out with a hot cup of cocoa, tea, or steamed milk. Although your nervous system may be begging otherwise, don’t rush to warm up fast—take your time. Most find it takes about 20 minutes to warm back up to normal body temps.

The Ideal Post Ice Bath Combination

When you first finish your cold water therapy, it might be tempting to get a hot shower to warm back up. But it's actually better to warm up slowly from the inside with a warm beverage, combined with some warm clothes like a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Allowing blood to reinvigorate your extremities slowly is the safest and most beneficial method for ice baths.

How does RENU Provide the BEST Ice Baths?

Whether you're an individual athlete or you have a gym or health club that serves individual athletes, RENU delivers the best ice bath experience every time. That's because every RENU cold water therapy tub is handmade in the USA. We relentlessly pursue 100% satisfaction for every cold water therapy tub we sell, all backed by the best warranty coverage around.

Choose from multiple cold tank styles to precisely match the surroundings. Every RENU cold water therapy tub features a world-class design that ups the ante in any environment.

Ice Bath Tubs for Athletes for Sale

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