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How Long Should You Sit in a Cold Tub? Here is How Cold Water Immersion Works

Where Can You Get Cold Water Immersion Tub?

As the benefits of cold water immersion have become more well-known, cold water therapy tubs have risen in popularity. The compact footprint, always-on convenience, and more aesthetically-pleasing designs have made these tubs more reasonable for at-home use.

Cold water immersion (CWI) therapy tubs come with built-in cooling systems that continually maintain an optimal water temperature so it's ready whenever you are. These specially-made tubs also come with filtration systems that ensure safe cold plunges in clean water free of germs and bacteria.

While pro athletes have been enjoying the physiological and mental benefits of cold water therapy for decades now, the benefits are becoming more sought after by amateur athletes and wellness enthusiasts.

You can even find cold water therapy offered in gyms, health clinics, and spas now. When their clients demand a speedier recovery, improved performance, and rejuvenated appearance, these ice baths are delivering results.

From inflammation reduction to a boost in your mood to repairing exercise-induced muscle tissue damage, cold water plunges are one of the best ways to restore both body and mind.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or professional seeking maximal mental output or a competitive triathlete, ice baths have a bounty to offer. Let's look deeper at the many merits of CWI tubs.

How Does CWI Benefit Your Health?

Many people know that cold water immersion promotes a host of health merits. But what are the scientific evidence-based effects, and how do they translate to everyday life?

Mental Well-Being

One research study conducted in 2007 uncovered how cold showers can help reduce depression symptoms. For chronic depression sufferers, CWI was found to lift moods to a measurable extent when combined with a lifestyle routine including prescription medications.

The physiological stress induced by cold water exposure triggers stimulation of dopamine transmission. This flood of mood-lifting neurotransmitters creates a calmer, more relaxed state of mind.

In another study on winter swimming, researchers measured the mental health effects of frequent swimming in frigid waters. After four months of the swims, subjects reported feeling a renewed vitality and upbeat outlook than participants in the group that didn't go for swims in the cold.

Improved Immunity Through Cold Adaptation

Cold therapy helps stimulate the lymphatic system, which flushes away bacteria throughout the body.

The system's vessels run throughout your body to flush out microbes and cellular wastes, cleansing your body from the inside. Increased cold exposure helps boost adaptation, leading to a healthier immune system.

Enhances Blood Flow

Cold water immersion helps to promote optimal blood pressure, improving blood flow to your vital organs. It also enhances cutaneous blood flow for healthier-looking skin and complexion.

Especially when included as part of contrast water therapy, it can help your heart pump more efficiently as well. Peripheral blood flow is boosted, promoting sports recovery and an optimal temperature.

Repairs Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage

The sports medicine field has been utilizing cold for injuries and swelling of joints and muscles for decades. One commonly known acronym in the industry is the RICE method, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. That's because the icing is unbeatable when it comes to treating muscle soreness, aiding the recovery process, and reducing the body's core temperature after intense exercise.

Because cold temperatures also help slow the transmission of pain signals, there's a reduced perception of pain during a difficult physical recovery from injury. The end result is that the physiological response that the various systems in the human body have to cold leads to improved recovery.

Minimizes Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

A solid ice bath routine after you strain your body with hard workouts, races, or sparring matches helps reduce DOMS.

Anyone who's ever suffered from multiple days of soreness from working out knows how crippling this can be. Ice cold water therapy helps minimize these effects, helping you work out sooner and with less pain.

What Length of Time Should You Stay in an Ice Bath?

One of the primary things to keep in mind when first starting CWI therapy is the importance of paying attention to your human physiological responses. Following some general guidelines can help. For starters, limit your cold hydrotherapy sessions to 10 minutes or less.

Before you begin this type of treatment, it's wise to consult your doctor about what the safest amount of time for you is personally.

Everyone has different needs, making their potential treatment slightly different from the next. Start off with short times in the cold water, and then slowly ramp up your cold water training session.

Developing a Cold Exposure Routine at Home

One of the major health benefits of cold exposure at home is that it only takes a few minutes of your time, rather than hours spent traveling back and forth from a gym. Whole body immersion is only possible when your tub is deep enough, which is guaranteed when you have a RENU Therapy cold plunge tub at home.

And unlike other treatments for pain and inflammation that are band-aid fixes for the sympathetic nervous system, consistent home cold plunge routines deliver pain relief for years!

Just think about the number of plunges you'll take in your personal cold therapy tub, and the investment becomes even more clear.

Home Ice Baths or Cold Shower

Dropping your body temperature fast is effortless with a home cold water immersion tub. Taking up only the space of a small single-person hot tub, RENU Therapy cold plunge tubs continually maintain a perfect water temperature range of 39ºF to 55ºF, so it's ready anytime.

It's far easier to establish a proper cold plunge routine and build your cold endurance when your water is ready and waiting for you at a moment's notice.

Why Choose a RENU Cold Water Immersion Tub?

RENU Therapy creates cold plunge tubs by hand right here in the United States of America. That's how we can deliver the best warranty around and provide 100% customer satisfaction!

Get Cold Water Therapy at Home Anytime

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