Cold Water Immersion Tub: How to Set Up Your Own Ice Bath Therapy at Home

Cold Water Immersion Tub: How to Set Up Your Own Ice Bath Therapy at Home

During cold water immersion, your body is exposed to water set to 58℉ or less. This treatment method stimulates the body's innate capacity for self-healing, which in turn aids in managing chronic illness, delayed onset muscle soreness, and the cutaneous blood flow to the skin.

The scientific evidence-based effects are emerging every day. One example of this is a study in 2016 in which researchers found people who regularly practice cold water immersion had a nearly 30% lower incidence of sick days. However you can do it, cold water immersion can help your health in a host of ways.

So how do you set up your own ice bath therapy routine at home?

What is an Ice Bath Therapy?

Ice baths up to ten-minute therapeutic dips in ice-cold water. Ice baths involve sitting in cold water, preferably up to chest level to get the total effects. Getting the full advantage doesn't require stepping into a cryo-chamber—temperatures between 39℉ and 58℉ are sufficient.

The experience of entering for the first time is quite breathtaking. But if you focus on the breath and chill your mind too, you'll find your ability to handle it will increase with time. While it may be unpleasant and painful at first, you'll quickly enjoy the benefits.

Taking Better Control and Comfort During an Ice Bath Therapy

Cold water therapy tubs are a time and energy saver for cold exposure sessions. Forget about the hassle of prepping for and cleaning up after your icy plunge—all you need is a purpose-built cold immersion tub that lets you choose the temperature with strong cooling, sanitation, and filtration for clean, cold water on demand.

How to Set Up Your Own Ice Bath Therapy at Home

A cold water therapy tub is a terrific solution if you want to reap the benefits anytime at home. You'll feel less inflammation and get relief from aching muscles after exercise. Cold water immersion at home can mend and strengthen muscles after injuries like a cycling accident or inflammation from working out.

When performed correctly, cold water immersion has the potential to speed recovery for casual fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. If you want to get the benefits of cold exposure after a workout or competition, it's best to do it no more than 30 minutes after finishing.

To enjoy the health benefits of a cold water immersion safely and healthily, here are some simple guidelines:

Ready Your Cold Water Tub

Once the tub is full of water, set the temperature and wait for it to reach your desired setting. All you have to do is set it and wait for the tub to do the work with RENU cold water therapy tubs.

If you are just starting or have low cold tolerance, it's best to start between 55-58 degrees Fahrenheit. You may initially feel uncomfortable, but you'll quickly adjust to the cooler temperatures. The goal is to get a temperature at which the discomfort is just barely tolerable when you first get in.

Prepare Your Things

Put your post-procedure attire and towel together first. After cooling off in an ice bath, rewarming your body requires a change of dry, warm clothing. It's best to get out of the water if you can get warm immediately rather than wasting time searching home for a blanket or robe.

Get your dry clothing ready in the bathroom before you get in the tub. Make sure you have a towel or two to dry off with and a warm outfit prepared to put on. You can't go wrong with a robe, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt!

Set Your Timer

You'll want to ensure you don't spend more than the maximum advised time in the ice bath which is 10 minutes, so set the alarm on your phone. The optimal starting point is two to three minutes.

Hypothermia, frostbite, pain, and even shock are all possible side effects of ice baths that last more than fifteen minutes. That's why it's crucial to use a timer to ensure you don't soak in the ice water for more than the maximum time allowed.

Enter the Ice Bath Tub and Focus on Your Breath

Getting into the tub can feel like a sudden electric shock to your body. This is all part of the process. Initially, concentrate simply on increasing the depth and consistency of your breathing.

Reaching a breathing rate of eight to 10 breaths per minute is ideal. Concentrate on your breathing and give your full attention to the present moment. It may feel hard at first to take a daily cold bath, but the discipline required to do so is part of what delivers so many benefits for both the mind and body, so hang in there!

Exit Your Ice Bath Tub and Gently Warm-Up

When the alarm sounds, get out of the bath and use your towel to dry yourself thoroughly before donning your warm clothing.

If you're still feeling too cold, consider simple jumping jacks or other bodyweight exercises for five to ten minutes to help bring your body temperature back to a more comfortable level.

Because cold water therapy can cause muscles to become stiff, you can loosen back up approximately thirty to sixty minutes post-cold plunge by taking a hot shower or drinking something hot.

Purchase the Right Ice Bath Therapy Tubs for Your Needs

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