Adam Carolla’s RENU Therapy Cold Tub Experience

Adam Carolla’s RENU Therapy Cold Tub Experience

How Did Adam Carolla Get Started With His RENU Cold Tub?

Adam Carolla explained his experience starting with ice bath sessions in his RENU Therapy Cold Stoic TM Plunge Tank during this recent podcast episode of the Adam Carolla Show.


Adam: “We brought the tub inside, filled it up, and turned it on. They told us to wait before getting in, because it takes a couple of days to get cold enough. Sonny hates water like half of all people, and even though he’s someone who wears shirts in the ocean, he still got in. At first, he said it’s not that bad. I got in next and it didn’t feel that bad to me either.” 


“Then, our friend Olga pointed out that the water was warm. Looking into it, we realized we forgot to turn down the running temperature when they set it up, so it was just room-temperature water. We turned it all the way down and decided to try again the next day.”



What Temperature Should You Set Your RENU Cold Tub to At First?

RENU helps you ease into establishing a cold tub therapy routine by allowing users to choose from a wide range of water temperatures. RENU cold tubs can maintain water temperatures as low as 39º F. When starting out fresh with cold water therapy, RENU allows you to dial the temperature to a more manageable 55º F.


Adam Carolla talked about his experimentation with finding the perfect water temperature in his RENU cold tub.


Adam: “I turned it all the way down, and the next morning the water was 44º. I said I’ll get in for two minutes. It was like being pushed off of a crab boat...that’s how it felt”


Gina: “Did you slowly ease in or just sit down like, splat?”


Adam: “Once you put your feet in and start that downward motion, keep goin’...don’t stop and think about it. I sat in it for two minutes, and I realized I gotta build-up to the 40’s—it starts bordering on really painful, like, a little debilitating.”


Eventually, Carolla reset it to 50 degrees to get more used to the feeling of taking a cold plunge.



How Long Should You Sit In A Cold Tub At First?

For safety and achieving the best results from cold water therapy, it's important to start with short cold tub sessions before attempting more lengthy times in an ice bath. Slowly work up to longer sessions and lower temperatures. Focusing on the fundamentals of safe cold water immersion will ensure the best results from your cold tub therapy.


When first starting to develop your RENU cold tub therapy routine, it's essential to limit your sessions to less than ten minutes. Always consult your doctor when starting out with cold tub therapy about how much time is safe for you to spend immersed in cold water. 


While some people are able to increase their cold water endurance, there are some hard limits to the human body’s ability to withstand immersion in cold water. Establishing a strict routine and close self-monitoring is essential.


Adam: “Now I’ve built up to 3 minutes…three minutes isn’t much different than two’s the first minute that’s the hardest. If you realize you’ll start feeling better later on in the session, it’s easier to keep going. If you just stare at a digital clock, sometimes you’ll think it’s broken. I go in there with the phone, put it on the countdown, and just hit it. I’ll look at it and see there are only 46 seconds and be able to keep going.”


What About Breathing Techniques In A Cold Tub Session?


Gina: “How long do you sit in it before you can regulate your breathing?”


Adam: “It’s immediate now, I’m fine, I breathe normally, I can have a conversation on the phone, and you wouldn’t know it if I was speaking to you. I’ve had it for two or three weeks now—it’s good stuff.”

When First Starting His Cold Tub Routine, Carolla Kept It Simple

Gina: “Do you do the whole Wim Hof breathing thing?” 


Adam: “No, because I’m a student of you have to do stuff you will do. The more stuff you tack on, the harder it is to keep up. So, my feeling is, three minutes in, every day, nothing else attached to it—it’s just 3 minutes in that tub.” 

Is A RENU Cold Tub Perfect For Your Home?

Thoughtful Design and Exceptional Attention to Detail

When thoughtful design and exceptional attention to detail are of utmost importance, RENU Therapy's US handmade cold tubs are unbeatable. RENU cold tubs are hands-down the most beautifully designed handcrafted cold water immersion tubs available. You’ll experience the difference exquisite craftsmanship makes every time you get in your RENU Therapy cold tub.

Cold Water Immersion Any Time

Traditional whirlpool cold tubs don't offer consistently cold water for home use. Instead, needing costly and time-consuming ice refills to get cold. A purpose-built cold tub like those from RENU Therapy provides you with constant water refrigeration for instant cold water immersion benefits whenever you please. RENU cold water therapy tubs are nearly three feet deep, enabling anyone to achieve full immersion in ice water for maximum therapeutic results.

100% USA Manufactured By Hand

RENU Therapy cold tubs are 100% made in the USA. Our tubs boast the best warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction rating because we closely monitor the production process of every cold tub that passes through our U.S. manufacturing facility. We make sure you are delivered the finest cold tub available!

RENU Cold Tubs Have A 5-Year Limited Warranty

All of RENU’s cold tubs are covered by a 5-year Limited Warranty, so you can totally immerse yourself, assured you'll enjoy uninterrupted ice baths whenever it's best for your physical and mental health. The team at RENU Therapy takes its cold therapy as seriously as you do, so we’ll do whatever is necessary to provide you with perfect cold tub therapy sessions every time!