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Who buys the RENU Cold Plunge? You might be surprised!

When I first started taking orders for the premium ice bath, I was expecting athletes and folks who follow the top thought leaders of today like Joe Rogan, Tony Robbins, and the Ice Man himself, Wim Hof. I was correct about the thought leaders, but what I had not realized was the demand for a simple solution and alternative to Cryotherapy was going to come from Business leaders, attorneys, and persons that live in the Tech space. 

When your income is a direct reflection of just how you show up and how much focused time you can allocate to your business or your craft, you become hyper aware of time wasters and the drag on your performance from the grind. Having a Cold Plunge at your home gives you an increased edge with a morning prime, a mid day reset, and an end of the day plunge to ready your body for a night of deep sleep.  

The feedback from customers is that they are performing at higher level, are more focused, and are able to solve problems with ease and grace. The consensus is that having access to cold therapy is the equivalent to a secret weapon on the battlefield of business, health, and family. 

It really does not matter who you are or what you do, the discipline of daily cold plunging has so many benefits, the investment makes sense. Cold Therapy is proven to help with immunity boosting, decreased inflammation, decreased depression, stronger discipline, better sleep, stronger circulation, and anti aging. How much do people spend on these health related goals? The cost of supplements, immunity boosters, workout equipment, exercise fashion, anti aging creams, antidepressants, massage, cryotherapy sessions, sleep aids, and the list goes on. Cold water immersion has benefits that you can quickly validate. If your a skeptic like I am, and you want to feel the proof and see the difference, then you must go into the cold!

Stay Frosty my Friends,