Total Protective Cover
Total Protective Cover
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Total Protective Cover



Our water-proof RENU cover will protect your investment from the indoor and outdoor elements. This cover is meant to perfectly cover and protect your Breath Deck while still allowing you easy access to your unit.

The vinyl-coated polyester is a thick fabric that handles well at low temperatures and stays strong to protect your unit from damage. Made with Trivantage GVC18®, our covers will resist weather, rips, tears, abrasions, and punctures. The cover also comes with a portable bag to store your cover in when not using. 

If you live in a windy area or want child protection, then we recommend our updated product, The All-Weather Insulated Protective Spa Cover (only available for the Cold Stoic 2.0 at this time).


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Cold Stoic 2.0 (Stoic 2.0 Size)

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Tania Schwartz (Costa Mesa, US)
Renu Cover

The cover does not fit well and is rather cheap looking.

Paul Kaup (League City, US)
Too expensive for what it is

The cover is nice but it will blow off if the wind catches it right because the cover only comes down around the unit like 6” or so. It is basically made of a thick visquene plastic that was sewed together but it serves its purpose as an extra layer of protection to the hard cover.

Jill Meeuwsen (Grass Valley, US)
protective cover

its heavy duty, fits well, but it can blow off if its windy. I would add velcro or something to help it from coming off


Quick shipping. Renu has great product but they are overpriced. It’s is just a vinyl cover and should probably sell for 20-30% less.

Adam Volant (Atlanta, US)
Great cover

We found that the cover assisted with maintaining temperature and also decreasing dust and debris. We saw the impacts of sun and wanted to preserve the finish. The cover fits nicely and is easy to put on and take off.

Ron Fiore (Hayward, US)
Life Changer!

The RENU team is exceptional! Cold therapy is now a part of my daily routine! If you care about your health and mental well-being, this is is the best investment you will ever make for you and your family!

Stan (Colton, US)

Perfect for our needs to protect and help insulate and protect

Gregory Lipovetsky (City of Westminster, GB)
Perfect Fit

This cover fits perfectly. It looks great and it's easy to take on and off. We live in Miami and I keep my Cold Stoic outside in the heat and rain. This cover is essential and does a great job.

Customer (Los Angeles, US)
Worth it

Definitely worth it to keep the unit looking great by covering it with this. Recommend.

Jim Rosten (Samodaes, PT)

The top fits great, easy to use and protects the wood. I recommend it JR