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A great product-A great company

I rate this Cold Tub 5 stars and RENU GETS 6 stars!

We had a few small hiccups along the way but RENU went above and beyond to make it right.. Thank you!

Kudos on the cover

The cover fits nicely, looks classy and is easy to maneuver. Thank you.

Cold Stoic<sup>TM</sup> (Standard Size)

Unit working very well! Thank you for an incredible product

If you are thinking about it get it

As nice as advertised. Oozes quality. Setup was super easy. Maintenance is super simple. The whole family enjoys it! Really is top notch and looks great too. Matches our cedar sauna.

Game changer

My new Renu is a game changer for me and my family. The mental and physical health benefits for my growing children and us aging parents benefits are real and measurable in our sleep and recovery scores. Thank you Bill, Steve and the Renu team!

Cold Plunge

Great system and very convenient.

Best purchase

42 degrees
Everyday if not 2x’s
Very active person no more back pain or shoulder pain as I’m a surfer. This is insane thanks again!

Everyone should have one

The Cold Stoic is a 10/10. I use It every morning and love It. The tank is very cool looking and matches my outdoor furniture plus It requires very little maintenance. It stays cool and clean all the time. I couldn’t recommend It highly enough.

Love it!

Adds to the Sauna experience

Half&Half and Wax
Like new

Nice products. Beautiful results. Thank you.

Changes the way you perceive live!

I start following the Wim Hof method and got interested in the cold plunges. But filling the tub with 8 bags of ice once or twice a week takes away all the incentive to take the cold plunge. Besides it is a lot of water that goes away in the drain. I start looking and found Renu fall in love with the tub just looking at the web page. It doesn´t take much space can be inside or outdoors can keep your water cold and clean for 3 o 4 weeks, so I order it. need to be mention I live in Mexico so I order it to Laredo Tx and smuggle it to Mexico City. Got it about 3 weeks ago there haven,t been a day that I don´t use it. It activates your mind put your energy is different takes the stress out and you can achieve that with a 3-5 minutes plunge. I didn´t even thought to have the discipline to go in daily but is something that when you start you can´t stop.

Love my renu cold plunge . Built top notch and use it daily

Best Daily Biohacking Addition

I love my plunge and use it daily. Well built and worth the money.

Awesome product . Love it

The Aurelius 4-Person
Maria Teresa Baker



We love our cold stoic. I'm ordering a 2nd one for our other home.

Fantastic product design & quality

I'm really happy with my Cold Stoic.

There are a few refinements I'd like to see, mainly being a digital control system that would enable the pump & chiller to run intermittently. I solved the problem with an $8 outlet timer, but having this integrated into the system would allow for more sophisticated control. I'm happy to provide ideas/suggestions to hone the feature.


The product and service provided to get set up, are outstanding.

100% percent! The very best!

I love my cold plunge. One of the best purchases ever for me! THANK YOU!🙏


I’ve had my Renu now for about 2 months. We use it 3-4 times a week and it’s been great for recovery and mental discipline. I also bought a sauna from Renu and the 2 together I couldn’t recommend enough. Also - the customer service and appreciation for you business is excellent!

Total Protective Cover
Linda Mckissack
My cold plunge

I love it I’m up to 4 minutes at 50 degrees working my time up and my temperature down

Excellent Customer Service

Great communication and customer service!
Thank you Renu for all of your support!

Annual Maintenance Package