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Cold Stoic 2.0
James Burns (Los Angeles, US)
Essential daily routine

This has been an absolute game changer for me. I work in the film industry and have a very high stress job and the stoic 2.0 has become essential part of my routine. It helps me manage stress and sharpen my focus for the day.

Cold Stoic 2.0
Samantha Powell (Denver, US)
We love it!!

We plunge almost everyday! It is so beautiful also and adds to our “spa” room! Not only do we use it but we basically have a line out our door of our friends who also love it 😊

Cold Stoic 2.0
Ronald Smith (Charleston, US)
Athletic Longevity Priority

Awesome tool in fighting inflammation, especially for 30 plus athletes. In you are interested in your health longevity, there is no question that this is a tool
you want in your kit. This is quality plunge and looks awesome on my back porch, I am very happy to have made the purchase.

Cold Stoic 2.0
Antonio Neyra (Saratoga Springs, US)
Absolutely love it!!

We love this unit. We were considering other brands, this one is on the higher end but it's perfect. The size is just right (bigger than expected), and the filters work amazing. Super happy! We use it daily.

Cold Stoic 2.0
Jon Williams (Lake Stevens, US)
Just buy it!!!!

The cold stoic 2.0 is just amazing. If you are considered getting a cold plunge, spend the extra money and buy Renu (you won't regret it). Investing in your health and wellness is a no brainer for me. This thing is so impressive in person, simply put it's beautiful, so we'll constructed, easy to operate, just do it. I have friends coming over on a regular basis because of this plunge. I love this thing, thank you Renu!!!

Cold Stoic 2.0
DB (West Hollywood, US)

Worth the wait. I’m hooked. Already trying to do 2x a day as many days as possible. Solid, easy to assemble and easily the the highlight of 2023. Thank you to the entire Renu team!

Cold Stoic 2.0
Gopi (Tucson, US)
Gopi's Temple of Renu

Gopi is was born in the Himalaya's and calls her cold plunge Gopi's Temple of Renu. Many definitions of Renu, but the most applicable definition is an "atom" from which we are all made.

Thank you so much for the 5 star review and beautiful pictures!!

Cold Stoic (Standard Size)
Andrew Keene (Galveston, US)
Cold Therapy is Life Changing

The device itself is great. Looks great on our patio. Installation is super easy (although you’ll need a couple buddies to move it off the pallet and to where you install). I bought this cold plunge to help with breathing exercises, accelerate metabolism and cut back inflammation and soreness from jiu jitsu, running, and lifting. I’ve also found it provides for improved mental clarity.

Cold Stoic (Standard Size)
Mike Tsai (Pasadena, US)
One of the best investments one can do for their health!

I am so happy with this purchase and with this company. After many months of research and waiting for my cold stoic to be built and delivered, it was all worth it. I also got the temperature down to 32 degrees which was much lower than the standard lowest setting for the chiller. I have been doing 35 degrees for 6 minutes, 5 days a week and I feel amazing! Thank you, Steve and everyone at Renu Therapy!

Cold Stoic (Standard Size)
rossi (Greenville, US)
loving our cold stoic plunge

we love our tub. we live in florida and took a trip to renu once while out in california and bought it on the spot. my husband is an athlete and loves to do sauna and cold and we had been eyeing this tub for a long time. steve made sure it got to us in a timely fashion. we had an issue setting it up because a piece had cracked in shipment (shipper’s fault, not renu) but steve and his team found someone in florida to come over and set it up for us once the new part arrived. definitely recommend this company and appreciate their customer service.

Cold Stoic (Standard Size)
Nathan Rogero (Ponte Vedra Beach, US)
100% satisfaction

100% satisfaction with this tub. I went from the ice barrel to the tub. It’s very clean and efficient. Every time I emailed the helpdesk with a question they were quick to respond. I would definitely recommend.

Cold Stoic (Standard Size)
aram Serobian (Burbank, US)

We really like the Renu

It’s well designed

Outdoor Defense Oil + Wax
Chuck ROBERTS (Nashville, US)
Works great

The oil looks great and seems to be protecting the wood very well.

Siberian Cold Plunge (Large Size)
Jade Goodyear (Bella Vista, US)
Taking the Plunge

This cold plunge is a great addition to our facility. Members are loving it. We were a bit surprised with the higher level of maintenance it requires. Very frequent (almost daily) filter changes needed, a new cover needed (our handle ripped off quickly), and just more attention to this unit then we had originally thought. Steve has been great with helping us work through these challenges and we appreciate his help. Hoping to get our maintenance dialed in for this unit so it is more manageable and feasible.


Thanks for the kind words. As we had mentioned in the beginning, commercial use of a cold plunge will lead to many more filter changes than regular residential use, but we will continue to work together to minimize the amount of maintenance required for your plunge.

Renu Operations Manager

Cold Stoic 2.0
Averil Wiley (Cobourg, CA)
We Love our Renu Stoic 2.0

My husband and I are on day 22 of a 30 day challenge which we are doing to establish routines. It truly is amazing!

Thanks so much for the great review! Let us know if you need anything at all!

Total Protective Cover
Jim Rosten (Samodaes, PT)

The top fits great, easy to use and protects the wood. I recommend it JR

Total Protective Cover
John Cahill (Alameda, US)
Solid material but not stretchy so hard to get on and off

The cover is high quality but it would be better if it were stretchy so that the corners would easily go on and off. As is, it is a bit of a pain to always need to shimmy it into place to fit.

Cold Stoic 2.0
Brady Bean (Oklahoma City, US)
Cold Stoic

Best purchase I’ve made!!

Cold Stoic 2.0
Santiago Arana (Los Angeles, US)

I love the costumer service, the product everything about it!

Cold Stoic 2.0
Scott Walker (Lebanon, US)
Fantastic Unit

I went back and forth between different models of cold tanks. I have now had my Cold Stoic 2.0 for about a month and I am very happy with it.

Quarterly Maintenance Package
John Beard (Altamonte Springs, US)
Renu Therapy quarterly maintenance great

You don’t have to think. They just send it. I use my reminders app to schedule my replacements. Only complaint is the mailing time.


So sorry you haven't been receiving your packages promptly. I will look into it to see why so that I can make sure it's not a problem in the future. However, for the hassle, I have processed a full refund for your last package. Hope that helps a little.


Cold Stoic 2.0
David Z (Houston, US)
Great Tub

The whole family uses our Cold Stoic 2.0 and we really enjoy the way you can drop in. What is also nice versus the competition is you can stand in it if you want to give your legs an extra shot of cold before submersing your entire torso. I will say I am glad it is in our attached garage as it is not quiet and runs 24/7. We can not hear it inside the house, so not an issue for us.

Cold Stoic 2.0
Doug Bocchino (Bridgehampton, US)
The best

I am very impressed with the 2.0. I use it 5 times a week!

Cold Stoic 2.0
Zack Christopher (Austin, US)

Was so excited to get my cold plunge. Waited about 4 months and it was worth the wait! There was a little leak when I first set it up but the renu team overnighted the part over right away. Have nothing but positive things to say about this company

Cold Stoic 2.0
Kim Worth (Los Angeles, US)