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The Cold Stoic 2.0
Curtis Lipps (Lexington, US)
Great Tub

I did a lot of research on cold plunges before I bought and I was not disappointed when my RENU arrived and I have used it for the last 4 weeks. It is high quality in every aspect!!!

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Allen Jones (Atlanta, US)
Phenomenal one

It’s not just a game changer, it’s a life changer.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Michael Van Asselt (San Diego, US)

A rush of energy and adrenaline followed by deep thoughtful breaths slows down time and increases focus. My body feels rejuvenated and my mind feels alive. Only way to start the day!

Top notch product with stellar customer service
By far the best looking plunge out there

Investing in mental and physical health has to be your number one priority.

Seneca 2-Person Barrel Sauna
Dennis Rosatelli (Hackettstown, US)
Sauna after 1 month of use

Sauna is as described, well built was able to assemble myself in a weekend, hardwired 30amp dedicated circuit will be needed. directions and video were acurate, really enjoy it, the only issue i have is the light placmemt, it says to mount under heater and the button to turn on and off is in an akward not easily reachable location, if there is a better access to turn light on and off it would be a homerun, other then that highly recomend

The Cold Stoic 2.0
MJ (Woodmere, US)
Blown away

Ok, so after a massive massive amount of research , I decided to go with renu and the stoic 2.0.
I cannot explain how incredible this cold plunge is. Anyone that has tried it, loves it.
Good things
- really beautiful unit.
- quiet
- no parts exposed
- chiller hits temps.
- easy access to mechanicals.

The only thing I was surprised at was how fast the filter was dirty, we’ve been using daily (2 people, 10 min each) in cold New York for 2 weeks and the water became cloudy. I called tech support (channel) who was super super friendly and knowledgeable l. She walked me thru issue, said to check filter, and low and behold it needed to be changed. That’s it, that’s really only issue I have with the stoic, filter needs to be changed every 2 weeks, ok, now I know. I set up a reminder for every 2 weeks. The filters are cheap, so they don’t gauge you.

A word on the customer service , every company in this country can take a lesson from Renu customer service. They are top notch. Period.
When spending 10k on a plunge, it’s nice to know there is a friendly company there to help.

If you’re thinking about it. BUY IT. you will not be disappointed.

Be prepared to wait, they are super popular and made to order. I waited around 2.53months.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Mark Crowley (Sandy, US)
Very pleased with the Stoic 2.0!

I’ve had the Stoic 2.0 for a few weeks now and am loving it. We live at about 5,000ft in northern Utah and the unit has performed flawlessly in all conditions. It’s outdoors and staying at the temperature we’ve set. Our family of four is using the Stoic 2.0 almost daily and we’ve had no issues with the maintenance or cleanliness of the water. It’s beautiful and works great. Massive upgrade to the horse trough we were using before!

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Danny Ong (Tustin, US)
Best system in the game with just one small flaw.

Can’t say enough good things about this unit. The design, the hidden chiller, the breath deck… all of which combine to make a true craftsman’s delight. If I could recommend one thing, it is to reshape the stool so that customers do not trip on the ledge , which is a lot more common and dangerous for our guests.


The Cold Stoic 2.0
Siddiq KARIM (Sugar Land, US)
Ferrari of Cold plunges

Such a beautiful, well-put together machine. Everything seems very sturdy and durable. Also, maintenance pretty simple. The filters are easy to get to and replace and otherwise I don’t need to do much of to maintain it. Water stays nice and cold and super clean. It actually smells so fresh it makes me want to take a sip lol. YouTube video placeholder
The Cold Stoic Classic
Philip Healy (Naples, US)

Then is the best unit ever. Great delivery and installation is easy. Self contained and looks great. Water stays at 38 degrees. Body has never felt better

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Alberto Crane (Burbank, US)
Renu Cold Stoiic 2.0 is a Homerun!

Love our Renu Cold Plunge! It’s so easy to maintain, so easy to use and looks very stylish! I think this is the best cold plunge on the market hands down!

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Jeffrey Tanski (Loganville, US)
Renu your Thrill!

We absolutely love it. My wife and I are currently plunging 2 to 3 times a day. The customer service has been fantastic with answering calls and emails. Get the chiller to cool down the water to 32°F and you have your competition beat.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
michael citrone (Los Angeles, US)
Finally got the Renu after years of ice and water!

Keeps the water fresh and extremely cold.
I think they provide more detailed instructions.
Would be awesome if you could control temperature through a phone app. Perhaps later on down the road.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Chase Lawrence (Atlanta, US)
You get what you pay for!

Everything about this cold plunge is as it’s advertised! The unit looks great and holds the temperature even outside in the heat. It’s spacious, comfortable, durable, and easy to use and set up. Just make sure to buy plenty of extra filters. Great product!!! Couldn’t be happier with it.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Mike (Andover, US)
My Renu and Stoic 2.0 Experience

I ordered the Stoic 2.0 back on May 16th when the lead time was 3-6 weeks. The unit got delivered on July 20th, a tick north of 9 weeks later. If I could make one recommendation to Renu it would be to promise small and deliver big on delivery dates. None the less...they did take care of me on this and it was much appreciated. When the unit arrived, it looked fantastic. Upon inspection with the delivery driver, there appeared to be no damage from delivery, so we sent him on his way. Upon a little closer inspection once we had the unit to ourselves, there was a tiny little chip in the breath decks finish, to which Renu has since sent me a kit to try and repair that. Shortly after that, the chiller developed some kind of ticking sound that would be present when the unit was chilling. Renu again took care of that and sent out a replacement chiller. I also had an issue where when trying to take a look at the chiller and I shut off the ball valves for the in and out lines going to the tank, the check valve on the ozone unit did not function properly and had a feedback of water coming through the ozone machine. Renu followed that up as well and sent me a new check valve to replace the faulty one.

Renu has been extremely responsive to every email and more than helpful in every situation I've encountered in the short couple of weeks I've had it. Both Chanel and Paige have been great and a ton of help. The only thing I would recommend to Renu is that if a unit is going to take 3-6 weeks or 4-8 weeks or what I believe is now 6-10 weeks......just say 10 weeks. If you deliver it in 6......well, then you have a very happy customer. My experience with the unit has been great. I'm in it every day at 5am and it's been a great addition to my daily health routine. The chiller has been holding the set temp within a degree or two every day. The unit is worth the wait and you'll be happy you made the purchase.


Thank you so much for the thorough review, and I truly apologize for all the issues you experienced. I'm glad we got you all sorted out and headed in the right direction. In regards to the lead times, we do try to do exactly what you suggested, but we got slammed with orders in May and I was a little late in bumping up the lead times. It was my personal mistake so I personally apologize.

Thanks for your business as well as your patience and understanding. Sorry your experience wasn't perfectly smooth. Please reach out if you need anything else at all.

Steve T Midgely
VP of Operations

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Evan (Harrisonburg, US)
Fits Tall Users, Well Built! Wish it would cool below 40F

First off, I am 6’4” and 230lbs. I was skeptical when I saw the claim that the Cold Stoic 2.0 would comfortably fit someone several inches taller than me. I could not find any reviews or examples of someone my height getting inside. After several plunges, I am happy to report that I fit just fine.

The build quality of the unit is superb and well worth the additional cost in my opinion. The body of the unit appears like it will last a lifetime and the electronics will be easy to service/replace down the road as needed.

Ergonomically, I like the fact I don’t feel like I’m lying down in a bath tub while using it. The section above the mechanical housing which Renu refers to as the “breath deck” makes getting in and out easy, despite the taller height of the tank.

Because no review is complete without mentioning the drawbacks, I noticed with the unit inside I can smell the ozone when in the same room. Not a big deal but I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere. Also, there were some small scuffs on the exterior of the unit upon delivery (see image). I emailed support and they settled the issue to my satisfaction the next day. Part of the reason I chose Renu is their customer service reports, and I’m glad I did!

The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because they advertise the chiller can be set down to 36 degrees. However, the water temperature will not go below 40 degrees. This has been my experience with the unit indoors and out of the sunlight (50% humidity and around 75F room temp).

The Cold Stoic 2.0
JON M (McKinney, US)

The only thing better than buying a Cold Stoic 2.0 was starting cold plunging to begin with. Cold plunging has changed my health and my life. It has been probably the most effective treatment for mood and anxiety. I have never felt this good.

The Cold Stoic is everything I could have wanted and worth the investment as I plunge daily. It is high quality and easy to maintain. I am using it in North Texas area and it is in an outdoor building with no AC and it keeps the water perfectly at 47 degrees all day even when the heat index reaches 114.

I had questions before buying the unit and I called multiple companies. Renu was the only company that was able to answer my questions and took the time to get in touch with me. The other companies weren't interested in providing answers. Renu is responsive and care about their customers.

The only warning I'll give people is that the unit is extremely heavy even without water and with four grown men we still had to use floor dollies to move it off the pallet and to it's final location so get a team ready when it's time to move it.

My Daily Reset

Love my tub. It’s an integral part of my morning practice. I highly recommend RENU, and the Cold Stoic 2.0 if you intend to make cold plunge part of your commitment to your body.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Charles G (Weston, US)
Really Amazing

This is my first cold plunge machine after doing other cold plunges. Very high quality. Great aesthetics and hold temps very consistently. I live in South Florida and currently in July it is over 93° outside. We have our unit placed in our back patio area so it’s not in direct sunlight but it is hot outside. This unit has held its temperature within 1 to 2° consistently 24 hours a day. What I like most about this unit is the fact that it has a great build quality and it does not look like a porcelain bathtub with an external unit. Everything is housed within the entire system, and looks very clean and put together. Most other companies probably build similar quality units but look Cheap with plywood exteriors or with the chiller units outside connected by hoses. They mostly look like bathtubs, not that they work any different, but I don’t want to see a bathtub in my backyard. So far so good hopefully this will be in service for many more years to come. I purchased the extra five year warranty just to be certain.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Audrey (Phoenix, US)
Game changer

I live in Arizona, and on hot days (which is every day) my cold plunge is making it possible for me to energize and stay cool. I love it!

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Vadim Klochko (Los Angeles, US)
We love it!

Excellent craftsmanship and great quality plunge .. I still compare it to all other tubs I come across online and I’ve yet to find a better one wrt craftsmanship, authentica, quality, and price.. As far as the benefits go, my wife and I do the cold immersion daily and after 30 days the results are incredible - almost immediate increase in energy levels and general mental acuity and positivity, faster recovery and resilience observed.. def a lifestyle-altering practice at a fraction of your daily routine.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Alexander Mujica (Tampa, US)
Revitalizing Immersion with RENU Therapy's Cold Stoic 2.0 Cold Plunge

I am absolutely thrilled with my Cold Stoic 2.0 Cold Plunge from RENU Therapy. It has quickly become an indispensable part of my daily routine, offering an invigorating start to each day. The unit itself stands out for its superior quality and functionality, which reflects the dedication of the RENU Therapy team towards delivering excellent products.

Moreover, the customer service at RENU Therapy is unparalleled. From pre-purchase inquiries to after-sales support, every interaction has been characterized by a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Their team is attentive, professional, and genuinely invested in ensuring an optimal user experience.

This combination of an outstanding product and exemplary customer service is rare to find. I wholeheartedly recommend RENU Therapy and their Cold Stoic 2.0 Cold Plunge to anyone seeking a reliable and rejuvenating cold therapy solution. My experience has been nothing short of outstanding.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
William Christman (Manahawkin, US)
Game Changer

I've had my CS2.0 for a little over a month. The physical effects are profound. I'm a competitive mountain biker and avid athlete. With 56 years on this earth I've been competing at some level nearly all of them. I made several changes for 2023 in my lifestyle; no coffee, very little alcohol, increased weight training and yoga. The most noticeable difference has been the CS2.0. I had tendinitis in my ankles, wrists, elbows, and lower back plus some pudendal neuralgia for good measure. I am virtually pain-free. My energy levels have been great, I seem to be having a quicker recovery (not fully verified yet) and I have a great sense of well-being. I had a small issue upon delivery but the support team at Renu followed up to help resolve the issue quickly and professionally. These systems are not inexpensive but they are well thought out and well made. Virtually maintenance free; change the filters and every few months change the water. Highly recommend.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
James Burns (Los Angeles, US)
Essential daily routine

This has been an absolute game changer for me. I work in the film industry and have a very high stress job and the stoic 2.0 has become essential part of my routine. It helps me manage stress and sharpen my focus for the day.

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Samantha Powell (Denver, US)
We love it!!

We plunge almost everyday! It is so beautiful also and adds to our “spa” room! Not only do we use it but we basically have a line out our door of our friends who also love it 😊

The Cold Stoic 2.0
Ronald Smith (Charleston, US)
Athletic Longevity Priority

Awesome tool in fighting inflammation, especially for 30 plus athletes. In you are interested in your health longevity, there is no question that this is a tool
you want in your kit. This is quality plunge and looks awesome on my back porch, I am very happy to have made the purchase.