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I’ve had my Renu now for about 2 months. We use it 3-4 times a week and it’s been great for recovery and mental discipline. I also bought a sauna from Renu and the 2 together I couldn’t recommend enough. Also - the customer service and appreciation for you business is excellent!

Total Protective Cover
Linda Mckissack
My cold plunge

I love it I’m up to 4 minutes at 50 degrees working my time up and my temperature down

Excellent Customer Service

Great communication and customer service!
Thank you Renu for all of your support!

Annual Maintenance Package

Fountain of Youth

The Renu Stoic is one of the best fitness purchases I've made in many years. I can't describe how much better and more energetic I feel after a sauna and cold plunge. The unit is beautiful and is running great.

Amy Rose Renu Cold Plunge

I can’t say enough good things about my new Renu Cold Plunge. Aesthetically, it looks so modern and fits into my home gym perfectly. The water is super cold and fresh and gives me the ultimate experience. I love how I feel when I get out of it. I have clarity of thought and clean energy to start my day. I am so grateful to the folks at Renu for producing such a high end product that is easy to use.

Clean & Cold

The Annual Maintenance Package is exactly what I need to keep the Siberian Cold Plunge Clean and Cold. Very satisfied with Supplies. As usual, you've thought of everything the end-user needs to stay Chill. Plunging never felt so good.

Awesome Cover

It rains pretty much every day here in Puerto Rico and it is also hot and sunny every day. So, the cover is invaluable. It has a tight fit and will surely keep our tank in better shape then if we didn’t have one.

Game Changer

Worth every penny! I’m in my cold plunge every single morning, I’ve felt a noticeable improvement in my energy levels, physical health and all around stoke levels. Before or post workout or just to mediate, the cold is life altering. The stoic is a beautiful and super well built machine, can’t recommend it enough!

Love it !

I have been told by my longevity doctor for years I need cold Therapy and I finally did it and only on day 3 but Love it , it’s beautiful unit and they custom
Did the size so it would fit into my exercise room !!

Best Investment for Health

Haven't missed a day since it arrived. 46゚ water every morning for 10 minutes has seemed to be the best. Tried 45 minutes but that seemed to long. The whole family loves it. I now use a snorkel so I can keep completely submerged. Love it.

Three in One Family

The Renu Cold Stoic arrived in Puerto Rico in fine shape. Thank you for making those shipping arrangements. It's the third Cold Stoic purchased by members of our family. That should tell you what we think about these awesome units. The units are holding up well, the online videos are super helpful and the therapeutic benefits are undeniable. Way to go!

Total Protective Cover
Billy Brandenberger

Total Protective Cover

Love love love

We love it ! Best purchase in a very long time. We have told EVERYONE about the plunge !! Our health is a priority and worth the investment. My husband and I are addicted ! Great team AND product :-)

Great Product

The parasympathetic nervous system oversees a number of bodily functions, including control of mood, immune response, digestion, and heart rate. Working with my doctor we decided to try cold plunging to manage my Bi-Polar. Cold plunging offers great benefits for regulating mood. Thanks Bill, great product.

Game changer.

Fantastic product. We use it every day.

I LOVE it and I love RENU THERAPY!

The key of any business to is create raving fans. Well, that happened with my cold plunge. Not only does the tub exactly work as advertised the quality was better than expected. What really set it apart for me is when I needed help changing my filter when Steve from operations called me five minutes after I sent in a request online. He walked me through the process from start to finish and helped resolve my issue. It was unheard of in terms of speed and not to mention it was a Sunday afternoon. The tub works like a dream and the customer service is a dream. I could not be ANY happier. I use my tub every morning now as part of my morning routine and has changed my life. I LOVE it and I love RENU THERAPY! Honestly, just incredible. So happy with the purchase.

Fantastic product and customer service

When I had an small issue with my tank,Steve and the team at Renu were on top of it. Cold not have asked for a better product or experience!

Renu Therapy Cold Plunge

Absolutely loving my Renu cold plunge! Wife and I have not missed a day and we are spreading the word to as many people as we can. Worth every penny.

Renu Total Protective Cover

Cover is perfect. Fit is nice and snug, no slop. Material is heavy duty and the cover leaves the Renu logo visible on the tank. Very attractive and does the job.


Love it!

Game changer

It will be one of the tools that will change my life

Quarterly Maintenance Package

I recently had to replace my first water filter… priced everything out on line and locally in Atlanta. Renu has the best pricing… even w shipping added. I really appreciate these guys… their attention to detail and customer service are second to none!!

RenuTherapy Cold Plunge....Best there is!

Bill and his team are the best and so are their cold plunges. You won't find a better solution and its worth every penny paid!