Dark Half and Wax
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Dark Half and Wax



Perfect kit for indoor or outdoor breathe decks looking to create a more aged and dark look. Dark Half penetrates deep into the wood pores filling them up, consolidates the wood surface and builds a dark matte wood finish. This oil is a blend of Dark Tung Oil and natural food grade thinner. This product works great with the Soapstone Sealer to add a wood finished look. Use both products as needed.

Only for Cedar and Redwood breathe decks.

How to Use:

Start with the Dark Half Oil. Wipe down unit with a cloth, and then shake the bottle well before use. Can be used straight from the bottle, and applied with a soft cloth. Apply till the surface reaches the saturation point. This will be evident as the surface will not absorb more oil. Do not apply or leave fresh Tung oil on the surface in direct sunlight. This will flash cure it on the surface and will turn white.

Allow the oil to absorb into the wood for about 24 hours, and then apply the Soapstone Sealant; can be applied with a soft-cloth as well. Use as needed.