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Starting Your Day Right - What are the Benefits of Cold Showers in the Morning?

home cold plunge



Whether you need ways to curb symptoms of depression or simply want to support your mental health, a good morning routine is everything. For many folks, taking a hot shower first thing in the morning is a comfortable way to ease into the day. But did you know that doing a home cold plunge to start your day could actually be far more beneficial?

While this practice might sound like a difficult task to get into, you might be surprised just how enjoyable it can be once it's a common part of your morning routine. Some even take their morning cold exposure routine to the next level with a home cold plunge.

If you're curious about the health benefits of cold exposure with cold showers or plunges in the morning, read on.

Are Cold Showers Healthier than Hot Showers?

Most people love indulging in a steamy shower to get their day started. But is cold water actually the smarter option for your daily routine? There's strong evidence that links significant health benefits to a regular cold shower habit.

For example, in Nordic cultures that have been taking cold plunges for centuries, researchers have found regular cold plungers have better overall health than those who don't. Generally, cold water immersion at least four days a week seems to be the ideal minimum to achieve lasting health benefits.

This means that icy showers could be much more healthy than cozy warm showers. 

Health Benefits of a Daily Cold Shower Routine

Taking ice-cold showers every morning is one of the easiest ways to achieve a wide array of health benefits. This rings true for both physical and mental health, benefitting your entire body and mind.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits that make enduring cold temperatures worth it.

Enhances Mental Alertness

Do you have a job that demands mental clarity and high energy levels first thing in the morning? If so, choosing a cold water shower is a great way to jump-start your brain for action.

Although warm showers feel nice, they make it tougher to wake up and feel energized for a mentally demanding workday. Cold showers and cold plunges, on the other hand, trigger endorphins that provide mental alertness.

Develops Greater Will Power and Mental Tenacity

When you want to develop more mental tenacity, few methods can match cold water immersion. By hopping into a cold bath or shower at the beginning of the day, you'll gain the mental benefits of improved willpower and the ability to tolerate difficulty.

It takes a strong mind to stand in frigid showers for up to ten minutes. Once you've developed this morning routine, most other challenges throughout the day will seem easy.

Supports Healthier-Looking Skin

Aside from helping you keep your skin hydrated, tightening the skin is one of the other positive effects of icy water exposure. Submerging your body in ice-cold water is an easy and inexpensive way to rejuvenate and keep skin looking firm and youthful.

Simply taking a cold five-minute shower and letting the water run across your face can help maintain a younger appearance.

Relieves Depression Symptoms

When you get into a freezing-cold shower, your brain gets a huge dose of energy. This produces an anti-depressive effect, helping regulate mood and reducing the frequency of bouts of depression.

Studies have found that cold water immersion can even help increase the efficacy of treatments for clinical depression. Researchers think this may be due to the brain chemicals released when the body is exposed to cold. One important element of this treatment revealed by research is maintaining a regular routine.

Increases Mindfulness and Reduces Stress

Another amazing benefit of cold showers is lowering your levels of stress. This is perfect when you're first starting a high-pressure day. Exposure to cold also improves brain function, reducing brain fog and helping improve mindfulness.

When you begin the day by focusing on your breath while immersed in cold water, you gain ultimate control over your brain activity.

Boosts in Metabolic Rates

One of the ancillary benefits of cold showers is a slight boost in metabolic rates. Exposing yourself to cold water on a regular basis can help trigger chemical responses throughout the body that boost metabolism.

What this means is that when your body experiences cold, it creates a natural response that makes your body start to burn calories faster.

What’s the Best Alternative to Cold Showers at Home?

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