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Ancient Use of Cold Therapy by Greeks and Romans

In many parts of the world, cold therapy is popular for its wide range of mental and physical perks. People from almost all walks of life can benefit from cold plunges in a variety of ways — from improving physical performance to improving their health and well-being. As we learn more about the treatment, the more we will trust them and want to try them.

Did you ever wonder how a cold shower or a home cold plunge came to be, seeing as how it is such a unique thing? Knowing the roots of a process can often help you better understand how it works and what it accomplishes, enabling you to appreciate it more. Taking that into account, here is the history of cold plunges in ancient Greece and Rome.

The Origins of Cold Water Therapies

A long history of cold water usage for therapeutic purposes can be traced back to ancient times. The Greeks and Romans, in particular, embraced the healing properties of cold water and incorporated it into their daily lives.

The ancient Greeks believed in the power of hydrotherapy, using water as a form of treatment for various ailments. They constructed elaborate bathhouses and thermal springs, utilizing hot and cold water to promote wellness and relaxation.

The Romans, inspired by the Greeks, built impressive public baths that served as social hubs and centers for physical and mental rejuvenation. These baths featured hot springs, warm water pools, and cold plunge baths—allowing individuals to experience a wide range of water temperatures and their respective effects on the human body.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

The Greeks and Romans recognized the potential benefits of cold water immersion and developed specific rituals and practices surrounding its use. Cold water therapy routines often involved immersing the body in a cold plunge pool or ice bath tubs. This process was believed to have the following health benefits, both physical and mental:

Benefits Discovered in Ancient Greece

Cold water bathing has been studied generally for its potential health benefits since the beginning. Thermalism, a system well known for its beneficial effects discovered by the ancient Greeks, used water at varying temperatures to reduce muscle fatigue and ease other health conditions.

Cold and hot water therapy initially targeted complications such as skin disease and muscle and joint pain. Water's other benefits, including relaxation and socialization, were realized much later in time after the use of water became more common.

At that time, even Hippocrates and Plato—pioneers in the fields of modern medicine and philosophy—studied the effects of hot and cold water while documenting the benefits of each.

Benefits Discovered in Ancient Rome

As bathing became an important part of personal health during Roman times, the use of water evolved even further. After battles, soldiers often sought recovery in spas, while the population as a whole took part for social and personal purposes as well.

It was, therefore, no surprise that spas began to boom as bathing became a popular pastime. With the advancement of aqueducts, spas were able to accommodate hundreds and even thousands of people to enjoy these tempered waters.

During Roman times, physicians Galen and Celso addressed the therapeutic properties of thermal cures, resulting in Hydrology and the actual prescription of thermal therapies. Yet water did not re-emerge as an effective treatment for other human diseases until the Renaissance period.

Embrace the Ancient Wisdom of Cold Water Therapy with RENU Therapy

Today, cold water therapy is embraced by many individuals seeking alternative methods to improve their health and well-being. It is used by some for muscle recovery and injury prevention, as well as by those looking to boost their immune system and increase resistance.

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