Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 vs Odin Ice Baths Comparison

Renu Cold Stoic 2.0 vs Odin Ice Baths

NOTE: Tanks pictured above are not to scale.

FEATURES Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 Odin XL Ice Bath
Color Options Available in 6 Body Colors to fit the asthetics of your space Some variety of wood stains
Breath Deck 4 Different Deck Options Featuring Various Woods No Breath Deck
Protected Equipment Enclosed Mechanics Bay, protects the chiller and electrical components from the elements. Yes
Exterior & Durability The RENU is made with super-strong, commercial grade HPDE. It is UV-resistant, weatherproof, and maintains a beautiful finish for a long life. Tubs are made from stainless steel. Exterior made with cedar wood.
Thermal Insulation System The RENU has over 4" of thermal insulation offering the best insulated cold plunge on the market. Similar to a high-end cooler Polyurethane closed cell foam insulation.
Ozone Sanitation Hi-Flow Water Circulation and the use of a Superior Ultraviolet Ozone Generator. Hi-Flow purifies more water! Our Ozone System is superior, lasts a longer time, and has an indicator if a replacement is needed. Included as standard.
Tank Depth Deep Plunge Tank: 31" 24" Depth
Low Profile "Hard Lid" Yes, the flush lid is an integral part of the modern, beautiful aesthetic. Bulky Jacuzzi lid
Made in USA vs China
80% of our main components are made in USA. Our tanks are all designed and assembled in California.
80% Components are made in Australia.
5-Year Limited Warranty
5-Year Limited Warranty
Price Shipped $9,699.99
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