Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: The Average In-Ground Cold Plunge Tub Cost

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: The Average In-Ground Cold Plunge Tub Cost

What are In-Ground Cold Plunge Pools?

An in-ground cold tub pool is a small but deep pool designed to wade or take short plunges in rather than swimming or using flotation devices. To achieve cold plunging, these pools require cold temperatures outdoors—adding ice won't come close to cooling the water to 39 degrees. Beyond the environmental limitation, what else should you know about in-ground cold plunge pools, and why might you consider a cold therapy tub instead? Let's uncover these answers.

How Large Are In-Ground Plunge Pools?

Plunge pools can vary widely in size, but typically they're around 8×8 feet. The majority of plunge pools are rectangular to maximize the usable space. That said, it's possible to construct a plunge pool in just about any shape. Whether you want a round, curved, or L-shaped plunge pool, you have options as long as you have the budget.

How Deep are Cold Plunge Pools?

There isn't necessarily a standard depth when it comes to cold plunge pools, but most are between 4 feet and 8 feet deep. The type of use you have in mind is what mostly determines the depth you should choose. Also, the price goes up with more depth on a plunge pool, so think about how deep is really necessary.

How Much Does Building a Cold Plunge Pool Cost?

In-ground cold plunge pools with a bare minimum construction might be able to get down to the $10,000 mark, but on the high end, a plunge pool can be closer to the $40,000 range.

Pricing factors include what materials you’ll use, where you plan to put your plunge pool and the labor rate of the contractor you hire. What are some materials used and the costs for each?

Concrete In-Ground Cold Plunge Cost

If you’re thinking about building an in-ground concrete cold plunge pool, you should expect to pay between $25,000 and $40,000. Part of the high cost is because, unlike vinyl or fiberglass pools, you can’t use a pre-made liner. The concrete must be custom-mixed and poured on-site. Of course, this means they're more durable than vinyl or fiberglass.

Vinyl In-Ground Cold Plunge Pools

Vinyl-lined cold plunge pools usually range between $10,000 and $20,000. These pre-made liner setups can be installed in less time than concrete, saving considerable costs.

While a vinyl liner costs less than fiberglass or concrete, it may not have the same lifespan. Typically, homeowners need to replace their vinyl liner between five and nine years post-installation.

In-Ground Fiberglass Cold Plunge Pools

Using a fiberglass basin is a cheaper alternative to concrete, and is one of the most common construction materials for in-ground plunge pools. Normally, fiberglass basin installations total around $10,000 to $25,000. Fiberglass basins reduce installation time compared with concrete and are easy to maintain.

Maintenance Considerations For In-Ground Cold Plunge Pools

Your chlorine costs might be a little lower than a regular pool, but you can still expect to spend $300 to $400 annually on maintenance costs. This covers the cost of chlorine as well as any other balancing agents you might need to add to the water regularly to maintain the right chemical composition.

Self-Contained Cold Plunge Tubs

RENU Therapy makes self-contained cold plunge tubs that don't require in-ground construction. Instead, you can place the unit wherever it's best for you—including a new home if you move. In-ground cold plunge pools simply can't match the versatility of a self-contained cold plunge tub.

Maintenance Costs of Self-Contained Cold Plunge Tubs

A cold plunge tank from RENU Therapy is considerably more affordable than having an in-ground cold plunge pool built on your property.

For an entire year of maintenance, RENU cold plunge tubs only cost $299 when you buy the annual kit. Keep in mind, that RENU cold tubs provide you with a full 12-months of use, unlike in-ground cold plunge pools that have annual maintenance costs of $400 and only serve you during the warmer months of the year.

Cold Plunge Tub Features to Look For


RENU cold tubs have a 4-part purification system that's all-natural and don't require chemicals. Featuring a powerful oxidizer, 10-inch filter system, surface dirt, and oil remover buoy, and a spa sanitizer mineral stick that uses silver ions to destroy bacteria and algae, RENU cold water therapy tanks stay clean and rarely require water changes, conserving water.

Titanium Chiller

RENU Therapy builds its cold tubs with a titanium heat exchanger. This means you get reliable performance due to high resistance to corrosion and rust, providing you with uninterrupted cold immersion therapy.

Insulation Means Efficiency

Because RENU cold tubs are filled with proprietary insulation—any air gaps are totally eliminated, providing a thermal blanket that saves energy and reduces noise levels by 60%. Simply put, RENU provides you with the most energy-efficient cold plunge possible.

Which Type of Cold Plunge Pool is Best?

While it's certainly possible to cold plunge with an in-ground cold plunge pool, the practicality of this type of setup for cold water immersion therapy pales in comparison with self-contained units like those RENU makes.

That said, larger in-ground cold plunge pools can accommodate multiple people at once, which is kind of cool if you have some friends to challenge.

When it comes down to a realistic cost-benefit analysis, cold water recovery therapy tubs are impossible to beat—especially if they're made with high-quality components like RENU cold therapy tubs are.

Health Benefits of Cold Water Therapy Using a Cold Tub

Taking ice baths, cold showers, cold plunges, and cold water immersion through cold plunges come with various health benefits which include muscle pain reduction, muscle recovery, mood enhancement, improved mental health, and reduced inflammation.

Is a RENU Cold Therapy Tub Right For You?

RENU hand-crafts the highest quality cold plunge tubs 100% in the USA. Our warranty coverage is second to none and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction with every cold tub!

Not only are the cold tubs we sell the finest quality, but they provide the finest aesthetics as well, perfectly complimenting the interiors and exteriors of exquisite homes.

Take a Cold Plunge Any Time

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