The Perfect Combo: Cold Plunge Tub and Hot Sauna

The Perfect Combo: Cold Plunge Tub and Hot Sauna

Combining cold plunge tub and hot sauna sessions

Following up time in hot saunas with a cold plunge in icy waters has been practiced in some cultures for hundreds of years for relaxation. While the full range of benefits is just now being uncovered, the positive health outcomes of contrast therapy are gaining more recognition amongst athletes and health mavens. Now, the stories of improved cognition and cardio performance are being vilified by scientific studies revealing a slew of health benefits linked to alternating from hot to cold exposure.

Typically, practitioners of contrast therapy start with a 20-minute hot sauna session. Next, they follow it with an ice water plunge for around 2-5 minutes. Of course, this process can be truly intense for first-timers, but if they stick it out, the health benefits are worth the uncomfortable initiation process. For many, the health benefits and euphoric feelings that come from combining cold plunge and hot sauna sessions drive them to excitement instead of dread.

Is alternating from a cold plunge tub and hot sauna healthy?

Alternating from a cold plunge tub and hot sauna is called contrast therapy. During exposure to heat, there’s a dilation of the blood vessels. Then, in the cold phase of the therapy session, there’s a constriction of blood vessels. This action increases the pressure within the circulatory system, producing a measurable increase in circulation within the body.

People who workout frequently want the fastest recovery method possible. For decades now, pro athletes have been using contrast therapy, and now gym frequenters are catching onto the benefits. Contrast therapy has been shown to improve post-exercise recovery, making it an essential routine for people needing speedier workout recoveries.

Following up time in a hot sauna by taking a cold plunge delivers numerous health benefits. Aside from the plentiful physical benefits, contrast therapy produces positive mental health effects for many people. Are you thinking about what benefits you could get from contrast therapy? Read on to uncover the possibilities!

Safety precautions for following hot saunas with cold plunges

Before we start with all of the benefits, it’s important to cover some of the safety precautions necessary to get the most out of contrast therapy with the least risk. Contrast therapy is safe for most folks, but it can be very risky for people with certain health conditions. People with pre-existing heart conditions should avoid any exposure to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. And to be safe, it’s always best to consult your doctor first.

Also, because contrast therapy triggers rapid swings in the circulatory system, it's critical to begin your sessions with the hot sauna before cold plunging to reduce the chances of adverse outcomes.

How often can you combine a cold plunge tub and hot sauna?

The good news is, contrast therapy works better the more often you do it. A collection of research studies have found that the regular practice of contrast therapy often leads to enhanced health benefits. These studies revealed significantly better markers of health in people who practice contrast therapy routinely instead of only sporadically.

Health benefits of cold plunge tub and hot sauna

Now that we’ve covered what you need to be cautious of, it’s time to run down the list of how you might benefit from establishing a regular contrast therapy routine.

Curbing the effects of inflammation

Contrast therapy helps reduce the negative effects of inflammation by improving blood circulation in affected areas. When blood flow levels are boosted, it washes away old dead cells that cause inflammation.

Reduction of painful swelling

When circulation is boosted within both the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, painful swelling is more quickly reduced. Ramping up flow levels in lymphatics and veins works together to reduce pain caused from swelling.

Curbing the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness

When you work out hard, soreness can set in days later. Contrast therapy helps prevent this delayed sore muscle effect after overtraining or intense competition.

Speeding up healing after injury

Contrast therapy drives healing red blood cells to injured tissues. By increasing oxygen and healing antibodies, the healing process is supported for faster recovery. Nutrition is another key part of healthy healing, also improved by better blood flow. Efficient delivery of nutrients is crucial for areas that have suffered an injury, making the effects of contrast therapy a great way to heal faster.

Pain alleviation and mental state elevation

Contrast therapy elevates your heart rate, adrenaline, and endorphin responses. These combined effects lead to pain reduction that can also elevate your mood.

Helps prevent the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia

One 20-year, 2,300 participant study at the University of Eastern Finland found that a hot sauna routine lowered the chances of participants suffering from both Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Detox cells and support immunity

When contrast therapy triggers the lymphatic system to start circulating healing fluids, flushing the body. Having lymphatic system problems can cause painful swelling. Because contrast therapy improves circulation throughout the lymphatic vessels, the body can better support immunity by removing cellular waste, detoxifying the body.

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