The Cold Exposure Therapy

The Cold Exposure Therapy

Cold tub therapy has never been more convenient than with RENU cold immersion tubs. At only the size of a small single-person hot tub, RENU cold exposure therapy tubs fit neatly in almost any home. By always having ice cold water ready, it’s far easier to stick to a cold exposure therapy routine that gets results.

You’ll enjoy faster alleviation of sore muscles, reduction of lactic acid buildup, and the ability to quickly cool down after intense workouts. These are just a few examples of the health benefits cold exposure therapy can offer. Let’s dive deeper into more of just how beneficial this ancient therapy using modern equipment can be for your health.

7 Health Benefits of Cold Exposure Therapy

In recent years, more of the potential health benefits of cold water immersion has been coming to light. Although physical therapists and pro athletes have been leveraging this therapy for years, the practice has been around for eons in cold climates like Norway. Researchers have been studying these cultures more in recent years, revealing the long-term health effects of taking the polar plunge over the course of a lifetime.

Today, cold exposure therapy is much more convenient than diving into the nearest lake in winter. Now, equipment like cold immersion therapy tubs make it easy to access the cold right at home. RENU Therapy handmakes cold exposure tanks 100% in the USA, and they’re perfectly sized to fit in your home or office. So what health benefits have been uncovered by research?

1. More Rapid Muscle Recovery After Workouts

If you frequently exercise, it can be a challenge for your muscles to recover in time for the next workout. A leading benefit of cold exposure therapy is reducing the time it takes muscles to recover from intense workouts. When you need the fastest recovery times during training, there are few better methods than cold exposure therapy.

2. Reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

When you submerge your body in icy cold water, it causes your blood vessels to constrict from neck to toe. This constriction helps encourage the circulatory system to flush away lactic acid buildup that causes the delayed onset muscle soreness that every athlete dreads. 

3. Cool Down Faster After Exercising in the Heat

When you exercise in the heat, your body temperature rises, making it difficult for your body to recover. One of the fastest ways to bring your core body temperature back down after a brutal workout in the heat is by submerging yourself in a cold water immersion tank

By having a RENU cold plunge tub at home, you’ll be able to enjoy instant cool-downs whenever you need them!

4. Elevate Your Mental State

One study by researchers conducted in 2007 found that cold showers can be an effective way to curb the symptoms of depression. When added to an existing lifestyle routine, regular cold showers were found to enhance the ability of prescription medications to lift the moods of study participants.

In the study, researchers found cold exposure therapy helps trigger the production of mood-boosting neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters help ease tension and stress, producing an overall feeling of calmness. 

In another study, researchers discovered winter swimming can be beneficial for mood enhancement. This study followed participants for four months of regular cold water swimming, and subjects who underwent the cold exposure therapy reported feeling more energetic and upbeat than those who hadn’t taken the frigid swims.

5. Enjoy A More Restful Night’s Sleep

Because cold exposure therapy can help reduce aches and pains throughout the body, it can help you fall asleep and stay asleep each night. Some people also report that following time in a hot sauna with cold exposure therapy is another effective way to fall asleep faster.

6. Decreasing Your Risk of Injury

Physical therapists and sports trainers have been utilizing cold exposure therapy to treat injuries and the swelling of joints and muscles for decades now. One of the most commonly known methods for alleviating pain and swelling is the RICE method, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Cold exposure therapy helps deliver the same benefits as applying ice but can treat your entire body all at once. Additionally, cold exposure therapy has been found to help slow the nervous system’s transmission of pain signals to the brain, diminishing the perception of pain.

7. Feel More Prepared For Your Next Workout

One way your body restores itself for your next workout is by flushing toxins from your muscles. This job is left to the lymphatic system, which is thought to be stimulated by cold exposure therapy.

By encouraging the lymphatic system to spring into action, cold exposure clears away cellular waste and lactic acid that causes soreness.

Is There an Optimal Time for Cold Exposure Therapy?

Cold exposure therapy can deliver health benefits almost any time of day. With that said, most people opt for cold exposure therapy directly after high-intensity workouts, exercising in the heat, post-injury, and sometimes in the afternoon to get a quick mental pick-up.

How long should you sit in a cold exposure tub?

When enjoying cold exposure therapy in your RENU cold water therapy tub, it's important to limit your sessions to ten minutes or less. Also, always be sure to consult your doctor about what amount of time is safest for you personally.

RENU Makes Cold Exposure Therapy Possible Anytime

At RENU Therapy, we make cold exposure therapy tubs 100% in the USA. Our tubs boast an industry-leading warranty, and we always go the extra mile to deliver 100% customer satisfaction!

Multiple tank colors and finishes make it easy to match the aesthetic of your home or office. Our cold exposure therapy tubs feature a world-class design that infuses beauty into whatever space they're placed.

Benefit from Cold Exposure Therapy at Home

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