Mike Clevinger Recovers with Cold Plunge Tubs

Mike Clevinger Recovers with Cold Plunge Tubs

In a recent article on Muscle and Fitness, Mike Clevinger from the San Diego Padres talked about his road to recovery from not just one, but two Tommy John surgeries. He chalks much of this recovery success up to a rigorous 16-month rehabilitation process, which included the use of cold plunge tubs on a regular basis.

Heading into the All-star break, Clevinger is stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever before. Along with his demanding rehab routine, he also implemented a stringent wellness routine.

Beyond cold plunge therapy, his wellness plan includes a steady stream of juicing in his diet as well as plenty of Pilates practice to aid mobility and core strength. The changes have made it possible for Clevinger to refocus on making great strides when it comes to restoring his form and pitching speed back to pre-injury levels.


Seven and a half months passed before Clevinger was able to throw a baseball again after surgery. One study found that only 55% of Major League baseball players regain their pre-injury level of play after Tommy John's surgery, making this one stressful comeback for sure.

Up first on the list of priorities for physical therapy was regaining dexterity in his right arm. Next was redeveloping grip strength. Seven months later, he was able to start doing some light lifting and plyo ball wall. Eventually, he advanced to med ball tosses before finally throwing a baseball again.

Leveraging Hot and Cold Plunge Therapy

One benefit of Clevinger's lengthy ordeal with recovery is a highly optimized year-round routine for recovery. Staying ready even when he’s not playing is a constant motivation.

“I really started obviously focusing way more on recovery than before when it used to just be like going balls to the wall all the time,” Clevinger says. “I would recover with more load. Now, (since rehabilitation), it’s just like a bunch of different breathing exercises, exercises to help get your hips aligned before I even touch a ball or even touch a weight,” he added.

Part of his regular routines includes sauna sessions on an almost daily basis. After he endures a 40-minute sauna sweat session, Clevinger gets into a RENU Therapy cold tub.

“I got it set at 39ºF, pop in for three minutes,” Clevinger says. “I built up to about six or seven minutes, then hop out and get in the sauna.”

Contrasting cold water therapy with high-temperature sauna time has been proven to provide numerous mental and physical benefits, such as faster muscle recovery, improved immune system response, increased blood flow, reduced blood pressure, and the ability to reduce inflammation more quickly.

Clevinger's experience is a true testament to the benefits ice bath researchers have been uncovering for decades now.

What Results Did a Cold Plunge Tub Help Make Possible?

After his regimen of physical therapy and routine cold plunge tub time, Clevinger was able to return to the 2022 season and throw fastballs clocked at 98 mph.

Finally, he's nailing the numbers of his pre-surgery peak. The truly amazing thing is that he was barely able to reach a 70 mph throw less than a year ago.

Cold plunging in ice baths seems to be a key factor, judging by Clevinger’s strong return to pitching. In recent games, Clevinger was able to strike out eight in six innings and 94 pitches. He's on the track to pitching success again thanks to his dedication to every avenue of rehab.

How Does a Cold Plunge Aid Injury Recovery?

While coping with uncomfortably cold temperatures might seem more like torture than therapy, cold water immersion is a proven method for physical recovery after strenuous exercise and surgery.

The health benefits of jumping into baths filled with an ice-cold water temperature far outweigh taking a simple cold shower. Cold plunge tanks are made to bring temperatures much closer to the freezing point, reaching a frigid 39 degrees on cold therapy tubs.

This low temperature is possible without bags of ice because of the cooling system that uses a pro chiller and built insulated cover that helps to maintain water temperature settings perfectly.

Standard cold plunge pools like an ice barrel can offer simple cold exposure, but they're far less convenient, as they lack the systems needed to maintain water temperatures cold enough for the greatest benefit without adding ice.

Choose RENU Therapy for Sports Injury Recovery

Who wants to deal with a garden hose or sit cross-legged in an ice barrel when you can relax and opt for cold plunge tubs that are always ready and comfortable?

Get a mental health boost or soothe your muscle soreness even in small spaces with one of our cold plunges. A RENU Therapy cold plunge offers the best in technology and quality of craftsmanship.

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