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Is A Cold Plunge Healthy? Reasons You Should Buy Your Own Cold Plunge Tub

If you're looking for one of the best ways to recover faster and get a quick boost to your mental health, consider the wonders of an ice bath tub at home. Unlike taking cold showers or using a regular bathtub, finding an ice bath tub for sale that's made for at-home use can provide a far better experience.

There are a couple of key reasons for this. For starters, the best cold plunge tubs provide colder temperatures. Also, they allow you to immerse yourself fully in freezing cold water.

There's no doubt that when you want to decrease inflammation and alleviate muscle discomfort all over your body at the same time, plunging into near-freezing water is ideal. Here are some of the top reasons you should buy your own cold plunge for home.

Top Reasons To Buy a Home Cold Plunge Tub

Cold plunges have been helping people all over the world improve their health and well-being. For centuries, they've prided themselves in being polar monkeys that can exhibit complete control over their body.

Now, people can achieve these same benefits and practice mental toughness right at home. Here are some top reasons to buy a cold water therapy tub for your home.

Reduce Your Cardiac Stress

Immersion in cool plunges after your workouts can help reduce the cardiac stress that comes from hard exercise, especially in the heat. For example, physiological stress and hormonal recovery are boosted by taking regular ice baths, according to a recent study. In the study, the participants' heart rates dropped more quickly with ice baths than with passive recovery methods after cycling for 45 minutes in the heat.

Alleviate DOMS and Inflammation 

Recovering after a strenuous workout can be tough. Fortunately, taking ice baths can help you reduce the swelling and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that makes recovery harder. Because cold exposure causes the blood vessels to contract and then widen, the removal of metabolic wastes after exercise can work more efficiently.

Increase Immune System Resiliency

Submersion in cold plunges combined with proper breathing techniques helps stimulate the immune system's adaptive response. This works by directly influencing immune system function by increasing the resiliency of the autonomic nervous system. Exposure to the cold also helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to contribute to health and immune problems.

Improved Recovery After Intense Cardio

In a 2010 study of 41 high-level male athletes, the body's reaction was recorded to determine what works best for recovery. To measure response, 20-minute sessions of intensive intermittent exercise at maximum effort were used. After each session, a recovery period of 15 minutes was provided. Researchers found that participants who underwent cold-water immersion therapy recovered significantly faster than the participants who didn’t.

How Do You Take An Ice Bath?

Let's first mention that if you have any pre-existing health conditions, be sure to consult with your medical provider before starting an ice bath routine. Aside from this, here are some quick tips for taking an ice bath at home in a cold tub.

Practice First With Cold Showers

Many folks dread the thought of dunking into freezing temperatures. Until you train your body to withstand plunging into ice bath tubs, it helps to start small. Ease into a cold plunge routine by starting with taking cold showers every day, slowly making the water colder each time until you can handle completely cold water.

Also, start with 15-30 second sessions and increase your time as you become acclimated to withstanding the cold shower. You'll start to enjoy some of the benefits of cold therapy, such as a boost in energy and an elevated mood, but without as much of a shock to your system.

Consistent Cold Water Immersion

Once you've acclimated your body to cold temperatures, it's time to establish a consistent cold water immersion routine. The studies that have revealed the benefits of ice baths have all concluded that consistency is the key to unlocking all the benefits. Practicing ice bathing at least four times per week is the best strategy.

Limit Sessions to Ten Minutes and 39º Fahrenheit

When cold plunging in your RENU ice bath therapy tub, it's important to limit sessions to ten minutes. For some folks, more cold exposure may help you increase your ice-cold water endurance, but a strict routine with close monitoring is a must. For the vast majority of people, ten minutes is plenty to gain all of the health benefits cold plunging can provide.

Enjoy Ice Baths Every Day At Home

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We have multiple design options, making it possible to create the perfect cold plunge tub for your home or office. Every RENU cold immersion tub features a world-class design that elevates the aesthetics of your space.

When you want to start benefiting from cold plunge therapy at any time, reach out to RENU Therapy today.