If there are so many benefits to a daily Cold Tub, why don't more people do it?

If there are so many benefits to a daily Cold Tub, why don't more people do it?

Why would I get into Cold Water?

To truly be motivated to jump into a cold bath tub you need to understand the “Why”. Now that I am in the cold everyday, I truly know my “Why” and look forward to my daily ice bath tub. Over the past few years I have had breakthrough moments and learned my “Why”. Unless you're a practitioner of Wim Hof or Wim Hof breathing, you probably have not had any breakthrough moments in an ice bath, and do not yet know your “Why”. 

Memento Mori

For me, my “Why” is Health & Wellness and being my Best Self. I will get into the many benefits of a daily Cold Tub later, and you may already know them or some of them, but first, I will pose a question: What is your health worth to you? It seems like a silly question, but many people never ponder that question? A fun example of that is, what if someone offered you a million dollars for ten years off your life. Would you take it? As a student of the Daily Cold Stoic TM, I learned the Latin Phrase “Momento Mori” which is a reminder to all of us, that we will not live forever. It is meant to be words of encouragement to Live your Best Life, and our time on this planet is finite. So how do you get to your best self?


I have been taking these Supplements and I cannot tell a difference!

How much do you spend on supplements, probiotics, MCT oil, CBD products, and the list goes on? In a lifetime the average American will spend $112,000 on  their health and fitness. Don’t get me wrong, I have a line up of vitamins for general health (Vitamins: C, B, E, D, and a multi) but I have a hard time following the herd on the vast array of supplements and the thousands of “Claims”. If there is not a Tangible result that I can actually see or feel, then why am I putting my time and money into it? It turns out my “Why” is that real tangible results for a lot of health benefits are achieved in just a few minutes a day.


How much does it cost to be Healthy?

Here is a question that I want you to answer truly. How much would you pay for a monthly supplement that achieved the following? 


  1. Increase your Happiness
  2. Boost your immune system.
  3. Combats inflammation and arthritis with Anti-Inflammatory properties
  4. Boost your metabolism and help with weight loss
  5. Improve your Circulation
  6. Promote Lymphatic Drainage
  7. Train your body to have stronger Thermogenesis (control your own heat)
  8. Increase your Discipline and Focus


My “Why”

And before you answer, let me clarify. If the above list of benefits was tangible, and you could see and feel many of the results, how much would it be worth to you then? Forget about the dollar amount, I am sure it would be substantial. Would it be worth a few minutes in freezing cold water on a daily basis? Maybe your answer is Yes, and for you,  the answer to your “Why”, is answered and a daily Cold Plunge is on the horizon. But what about the rest of you who are afraid of a daily trip to the cold water tank??


Earn your Benefits

We all know why we work out (i.e. feel better, , look better, better health, longevity, etc.), and have all heard the term “No Pain no Gain”. Time in an ice bath is the same. Benefits must be earned. The list of thought leaders who go into an ice tub daily is substantial: Tony Robbins, Adam Corolla, Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, Kevin Hart, and Wim Hof are just a few. They are seeing tangible results! Popping supplements sure would be a lot easier, but I am here to break it to you, there is no supplement or combination thereof that will give to you such a wide array of Benefits that you can actually feel in a tangible way, like a cold water tank.


Get into the Cold for You

I encourage you to get into the cold every day with either a Cold Tub, jump in a naturally cold body of water, or even a Cold Shower. Yes it is tough to first step into the cold but the Reward is waiting for you when you get out…..a mental tune up and a sense of Happiness caused by a rush of Norepinephrine.The rest of the benefits are soon to follow.