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How Much Does a Cold Plunge Tub Cost in 2022?

When you want the numerous benefits that ice bath tubs provide, you simply can't beat owning one yourself. Also referred to as cold plunge tubs or cold water therapy tanks, these tubs of ice-cold water make it easy to establish a consistent routine. While the mental and physical benefits of ice bathing are backed by science, one key to success is taking the plunge at least a few times a week.

Ice bathing has been a common practice long before Wim Hof was even alive. Nordic cultures have been taking cold plunges to awaken the senses and treat a range of health issues for centuries.

Today, with more folks looking for ways to improve their health, wellness, and stress levels without pharmaceuticals, ice bath tubs have grown in-home use. 

Buying an ice bath tub is obviously the easiest route for developing a consistent routine, but just how much should you expect to spend on one? Let's dive into what influences the cost of ice bath tubs for home or office use, along with what to steer clear of.

What Should I Look for in an Ice Bath Tub?

There is a wide range of features that can make or break your ice bath experience. Closely examining the details of the ice bath tubs you're considering will help ensure years of safe, clean ice bathing at home.

Here are some of the most important features to seek out.

Ice Cold Water Anytime

Ice baths are growing in popularity for homes, but can't you just take cold showers? The reality is, the water from people's showers at home doesn't get cold enough. Tap water almost never comes out at a frigid 39ºF, so you'll need to add ice to a bathtub if you want a DIY solution.

For the best benefits of ice baths, the water temperature needs to be sufficiently low, between 39ºF  to 55ºF. That's why an ice barrel is really no different than a regular old bathtub. Tanks like RENU Therapy, on the other hand, maintain constant water temps in this range.

Beautiful Yet Durable Materials

Ice bath tubs made using lightweight plastics simply can’t withstand daily use for the long term. Although cheap at first, you'll need to buy them more often.

Cold therapy tubs like RENU Therapy elegantly stand the test of time. Our hand-made ice bath tubs combine durable materials including titanium, hand-stained wood, and custom-colored exteriors that last year after year.

No Mixing Chemicals

Every RENU Therapy ice tub comes with a chemical-free filtration system. RENU Therapy ice tubs come with the best filtration systems and lids. Our superior filtration technology filters out dirt particles and germs to provide you with sanitized, clean, cold water. 

Customer Satisfaction and Warranty

Consistency is everything when it comes to an ice bathing routine, which is why our cold therapy tubs boast a market-leading five-year warranty. We only provide the best experience for every customer, which is why we ship out warranty parts super fast if there's ever an issue.

With RENU Therapy, you'll always have ice-cold water at the ready.

Okay, So How Much Does an Ice Bath Cost?

You can find basic ice barrels for as little as $500, depending on their size and features. Remember, you'll still have to pay for all that ice, which adds up with time. Not to mention the inconvenience factor of hauling 75 pounds of ice around.

While a number of factors will affect the total cost, like the type of material the ice bath tub is made of and the type of filtration system it uses. High-quality tubs that are designed to last range from around $6,000 to upwards of $10,000.

Much of the difference on the higher end comes down to finishing touches like stained wood, insulated covers, and enhanced seating experiences.

How Might You Benefit from Regular Ice Baths?

Research has linked health and wellness benefits with regular exposure to cold through ice baths. Here are the benefits you might see by keeping a consistent ice bath routine:

  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Quicker muscle recovery
  • Less acute delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Pain relief for muscles and joints
  • Better circulation
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better sleep quality

    Getting Started with an Ice Bath Tub at Home

    You simply can't beat owning an ice bath tub at home when your time is valuable. For the maximum benefits of ice bathing, it's best to get in the water within 30 minutes of working out. This is one reason owning an ice bath tank at home is so worth the investment.

    Here are some simple steps for keeping safe when starting out:

    • Take off the cover from the RENU Therapy ice bath tub.
    • Put some warm clothing and towels close by.
    • Set your timer for 10 minutes or less when you're ready.
    • Get in, and focus on relaxing your breathing.
    • Once finished, put some warm clothes on but don't take a hot shower.

      Find a Quality Ice Bath Tub for Sale

      RENU Therapy ice bath tubs reduce the time and effort it takes for you to gain numerous health benefits. Aside from their impeccable hand-made quality, each tub is made using only premium, durable materials that perform flawlessly for years to come.

      To get your ice bath tub, you may fill out our online form or contact us at 714-617-2007 at RENU Therapy today!