How Long To Sit In A Cold Plunge Tub: Health Benefits of CWI

How Long To Sit In A Cold Plunge Tub: Health Benefits of CWI

What is a Cold Plunge Tub?

Undoubtedly, cold water therapy benefits are becoming more sought after. Gyms, health and wellness clinics, and beauty spas have begun offering cold plunge pools and tubs. Their clients are grateful for speedier recovery timers and the numerous other health benefits cold water immersion (CWI) provides.

But cold plunge therapy isn't only for athletes and health spas. Beyond inflammation reduction, an improved mood, a boost in mindfulness, and strengthened willpower are benefits regular CWI users report.

The reality is, that a growing number of cold plungers are entrepreneurs and professionals who want to maximize their mental sharpness for peak performance.

Cold plunge tubs are purpose-built tubs for cold water therapy, also known as cold water immersion therapy. While the benefits of cold therapy can be acquired in various ways, cold plunge tubs have quickly gained popularity because of their compact size and convenience for home use.

Cold plunge tubs have built-in cooling systems for optimal water temperature whenever you're ready for the ultimate home convenience.

What are the Cold Plunge Benefits?

Natural Mood Enhancement and Mental Clarity

A 2007 research study found that cold showers help curb depression symptoms, and when part of a lifestyle routine, complement prescription medications in lifting moods.

Cold water immersion triggers stimulation of the dopaminergic transmission in the mesocorticolimbic and nigrostriatal pathways. This flood of mood-boosting neurotransmitters produces a calm and content mood.

Another study measured the effects of winter swimming on the mood of swimmers. The study found that after four months of cold water swimming, subjects felt more energetic and upbeat than those in the control group.

Improved Lymphatic System Function

The lymphatic system flushes away bacteria. The system is made up of vessels running throughout your body and clears out microbes and cell waste, cleansing your body. Cold therapy helps promote lymphatic system function, providing a host of benefits.

Improved Blood Circulation

Cold water immersion promotes optimal blood pressure for better blood flow to vital organs. CWI helps your heart pump more efficiently, resulting in efficient blood supply to the organs that matter most, boosting the delivery of nutrients and oxygen.

Pain and Inflammation Reduction

If you ever suffered injuries or swelling of joints and muscles, you may already know how beneficial cold therapies can be. The RICE method is commonly used to alleviate pain and swelling—Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. The second step, icing, translates to the health benefits of other cold therapies like cold water immersion.

Cold extreme temperatures constrict blood vessels, reducing swelling and pain caused by joint stress and muscle soreness. Cold tub therapy can even slow the nervous system’s transmission of pain signals, lowering your perceived pain.

How Long Should You Cold Plunge?

When taking a dip in your cold plunge tank, it’s best to keep sessions to times of no longer than 10 minutes.

With Cold Water Immersion there is no set time limit and it can be anywhere from 1 -10 minutes. The goal is to initiate the "Fight or Flight Response", and that can be done relatively quickly.

Each person has a different threshold, and it is actually better to do more sessions than longer sessions. Also, be sure to consult your doctor about the safest amount of time for you personally. With more use, it’s possible to increase your endurance, but this requires a strict routine with close self-monitoring.

Home Cold Plunge Tubs

Taking cold baths is quick and convenient with home cold plunge tubs. About the size of a small single-person hot tub, a cold plunge pool constantly maintains the optimal water temperature of 50F degrees, so it's ready whenever you need it. This makes it far easier to establish a regular routine, especially if you're trying to build your cold endurance!

Benefits of a Home Cold Plunge Tub

Long used in the worlds of sports and physical therapy, a cold plunge pool helps treat the symptoms of muscle overuse, reduce swelling caused by injuries, and release endorphins to reduce pain.

Spas and health clinics also offer cold plunging to close and detoxify pores for healthier, more vibrant skin.

One of the biggest benefits of a home cold plunge pool is that you only need to buy it once, unlike many other treatments for pain and inflammation. A home cold plunge pool is a one-time investment that benefits owners for years!

With proper maintenance, a cold plunge pool lasts many years, and each unit can be used by countless users. Considering how many uses you'll get out of your ice bath tub, you get an anytime fitness spa-like experience for a fraction of the cost!

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