Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Cold Plunge Tub for Your Home Use

Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Cold Plunge Tub for Your Home Use

When you first got home from an intense workout and need an effective way to recover, what's the best option? With so many forms of therapy being touted as the latest and greatest health practice that can do anything from reducing muscle pain to promoting your mental health, which is the most practical solution? Cold water immersion (CWI).

A home cold plunge routine stands out as one of the best methods to achieve significant mental and physical benefits in a short amount of time each day. And even better, these benefits all come with little to no effort, beyond the mental effort of cold endurance, that is.

So when you're searching for the best home cold plunge tub for your health and wellness goals, what are the features you should consider?

6 Features You Should Consider in a Cold Plunge Tub for Home

The decision to buy a cold plunge pool for your home isn't one to take lightly. If you do your research and look into the fine details that matter, you'll enjoy many more years of use from the ice bath you buy.

Cold water immersion goes beyond cold showers. While you can start basic with something like an ice barrel to gain some health benefits, with time you'll want to advance to a more enjoyable overall cold plunge option. Investing a little more upfront often pays in dividends down the line, so think about the total cost of ownership over the next five to 10 years.

To help you avoid costly cold plunge pool mistakes, we've listed six of the features you'll want to consider in your search.

Comfortable Ice Bath Tub Experience

While some mild discomfort may seem trivial at first—we are talking about cold exposure here anyway—it's important to consider how comfortable taking ice baths will be a day in, day out for years to come.

If you have to sit cross-legged or in an awkward upright position every time you take a cold plunge, the experience may wear on you enough that you quit. But even if you stick with the routine, who wants to sit in a cramped position every day?

An invaluable cold therapy training tool will make the experience at the very least tolerable, but ideally enjoyable.

Wide Range of Cold Plunge Pool Temperature Settings

Let's be honest, plunging to a water temperature of only 39ºF is shocking if you haven't acclimated your body to the experience. One key to remaining consistent with any health routine is starting small and working your way up to more difficult endurance efforts.

This same principle holds true with taking a cold plunge. That's why RENU therapy cold plunging tubs provide temperature settings ranging from 39ºF to 55ºF. This allows you to ease into the practice in a more gentle manner, helping ensure you build a lasting cold plunge regimen.

Always-On Home Cold Plunge Cooling System: Ice bath cooling unit

The more effort required to tackle a health and wellness practice, the less likely we are to keep going. It's already hard enough to build up the mental stamina to endure cold water therapy, so it's vital to remove all barriers to taking the plunge each day.

If you have to add bags of ice or fill up an ice barrel with a garden hose each time you want the benefits of an ice bath, it's less likely you'll want to keep the routine up as often as you need to.

The best ice baths maintain a steady temperature with a permanent cooling system. Ice baths from RENU Therapy feature powerful cooling so your water stays cold 100% of the time.

Cold Water Therapy Without Mixing Chemicals

RENU Therapy tubs feature an all-natural, 4-part purification system with no chemicals required! Our high-end tubs use energetic oxygen, a 10-inch filter system, surface dirt, and oil remover buoy, and a spa sanitizer mineral stick utilizing silver ions to annihilate bacteria and algae.

When you demand cold plunges that are clean and rarely require water changes, look no further than the cold plunge pools made by RENU Therapy. You'll conserve water along with saving time and money on expensive and potentially hazardous chemicals.

Sleek Design Over Basic Ice Barrel Looks

A cold tub doesn't have to look like a piece of farm equipment in your luxurious abode. While an unfinished basement might be a fine place for an ice barrel to blend in, it's not ideal for premium living spaces.

Many of the ice baths on the market are pretty basic in the looks department, but some do stand out with an upscale aesthetic in customizable configurations. RENU Therapy hand-crafts beautiful cold water immersion tubs that compliment the most luxurious of interiors.

You can choose different exterior cabinet colors and wood stains to ensure the perfect match with your home's décor.

Insulated Cover that Withstands Extreme Temperatures

Whether you want to place your cold plunge therapy tub inside or outdoors, you'll want to consider how well it can handle extreme temperatures.

If you'll be enjoying ice baths outdoors in the sun, some cold plunge pools might not be able to keep up with the demands of overcoming the sun's heat. This is just one example of the value of having an insulated cover that's perfectly integrated with your cold water therapy tub.

Enjoy the Benefits of Ice Baths with RENU Therapy

Insulated covers, strikingly attractive finishes, and functional features abound on RENU Therapy cold plunge therapy tubs. When you're seeking muscle recovery, better blood flow, and a quick mental health boost at a moment's notice, cold baths are the perfect solution.

Improve your blood pressure, alleviate muscle soreness, reduce inflammation, and recover from vigorous exercise in the heat fast with one of our cold plunge tubs that easily fit in a small space.

Making a home cold plunge a regular practice comes down to owning your own ice bath that is easy to enjoy every day. RENU Therapy tubs provide ice cold water whenever you want it for cold water recovery that no cold shower can compete with.

To learn how you can achieve the benefits of cold plunge pools at home, you may fill out our online form or contact us at 714-617-2007 at RENU Therapy today!