Cold Tub Therapy Benefits For Athletes

Cold Tub Therapy Benefits For Athletes

Why do athletes take ice baths?

Ice baths are commonly cited as an effective means of leveraging the body's natural healing capabilities. And if you're seeking the fastest athletic recovery, the benefits of ice baths are hard to pass up. Reduced time for post-workout recovery, faster injury recovery, and alleviation of pain from DOMS are all benefits reported by regular practitioners of ice bath therapy. Athletic trainers, wellness clinics, and health spas have been offering cold therapy services for many years now, but home routines have become much easier to establish recently through RENU Therapy. For serious athletes, the ultimate tool for peak performance is taking ice baths at home. For those wanting the benefits of ice baths for athletes, RENU Therapy is the premier choice. Let's jump in and discover the reasons why so many athletes turn to ice baths time after time.

How Do Ice Baths Work?

Ice bath immersion is being studied more every day by researchers, and new benefits are being revealed all the time. So how do ice baths work? In the past, ice baths were simple tanks of water filled with ice and cold water, typically for pro athletes. Today, cold water tanks similar to small hot tubs are able to keep water constantly cold so no ice is needed. RENU Therapy ice bath tanks can keep water regulated to a frigid 39 degrees.

What About Contrast Therapy?

Using a hot sauna from RENU Therapy before jumping into your cold water immersion tub is the easiest way to achieve contrast therapy at home. Following up your hot sauna session with a cold plunge into an ice bath creates a spike in adrenaline response, as well as stimulates the central nervous system. And, if you happen to suffer from arthritis, hot saunas may increase your pain levels. To still get the benefits of hot sauna therapy, soothe your arthritis pain by taking an ice bath afterward.

Do Ice Baths Improve Performance?

Ice Bath Benefits for Athletes

For decades now, ice baths have been used to reduce inflammation in pro athletes. Today, thanks to RENU Therapy, ice baths aren't just for pro athletes and physical therapists. RENU Therapy hand makes cold therapy tubs 100% in the USA that are perfectly sized for a home or small business.  What are some examples of the athletic benefits provided by taking ice baths?

Faster muscle recovery

Ice bath immersion makes blood vessels constrict, reducing inflammation. Directly after exercise, muscles and joints can swell, slowing muscle recovery and increasing injury risk. Taking a plunge in an ice-cold bath can rapidly reduce post-exercise swelling, helping prevent soreness and aiding muscle recovery.

Improve sleep quality

Quality sleep is critical for peak physical performance. Ice baths can help improve sleep by reducing aches and pains caused by inflammation, making it much easier to fall asleep at night when you've been training hard recently.  Also, integrating hot sauna time with ice baths for contrast water therapy is reported to help athletes fall asleep faster.

Help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness

A significant athletic benefit of taking ice baths is the reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. DOMS can cause days of pain along with reduced performance. When you want to reduce the possibility of post-exercise DOMS, there's no better method than taking ice baths!

When Should You Take An Ice Bath?

Cool down faster after exercising in the heat

One of the fastest ways to drop your core body temperature back down after hard workouts in the heat is by taking an ice bath immediately after exercise. RENU Therapy cold plunge tubs are always ready with ice-cold water at home for instant cool-downs!

How Long Do Athletes Sit In Ice Baths?

Ice bath sessions in a RENU cold therapy tub should be kept to under ten minutes. Also, always consult your doctor about a safe amount of time for you personally.

Are There Risks Involved With Ice Baths?

It's crucial to keep safety top of mind when taking ice baths. Always use best practices for safe cold water therapy. For starters, keep someone nearby that can track your blood pressure and body temperature. While soaking, work to maintain deep, rhythmic breathing and remain calm. Again, ask your doctor before beginning an ice bath routine.

What’s The Best Way To Recover After A Really Hard Workout?

Quickly cool down after hard workouts : Sport recovery cold tub

The fastest way to quickly lower your core body temperature after a hot and hard workout is by immersing yourself in an ice bath immediately after you finish. Having a RENU Therapy cold plunge tub waiting and ready with ice-cold water at home enables instant cool-downs! To easily benefit your entire body, the convenience of cold water immersion therapy anytime is made possible by RENU. We hand make every cold plunge tub 100% in the USA and deliver our customers the best warranty coverage on the market.

Why Buy A RENU Cold Water Immersion Tank?

Ice Baths When You Need Them Most

Traditional whirlpool ice bathtubs don’t provide consistently cold water for quality home ice bath routines. Instead, the purpose-built ice water therapy tanks from RENU Therapy deliver a steady supply of ice-cold water for instant therapy benefits. Because RENU cold water therapy tubs are nearly three feet deep, almost anyone can enjoy true ice water immersion for full therapeutic benefit.

Craftsmanship and Quality Materials

When you expect exquisite design and quality of craftsmanship, the handmade in the US ice bath tanks from RENU Therapy are unparalleled.  RENU's ice bath tanks are undeniably the most beautifully crafted cold water immersion tubs on the market. Backed by our industry-leading 5-year express warranty, you can rest assured you'll always enjoy a totally uninterrupted ice bath routine.  RENU Therapy takes ice bath routines as seriously as you, so we'll do whatever it takes to ensure you a perfect cold immersion experience every time!