3 Characteristics that Make the Best Cold Therapy Tubs

3 Characteristics that Make the Best Cold Therapy Tubs

Have you heard about cold therapy tubs? Ever wondered why they are used? A term used to explain the phenomenon or process of using these tubs is cold water immersion (CWI). This is a therapy involving putting your body in cold water with temperatures below 58℉.

CWI has been used for centuries to boost health and well-being. This therapy is used to help improve recovery time from strenuous activity, as well as reduce inflammation and pain. Cold-water therapy also helps improve immunity, relax sore muscles, and boost mental health.

When you want the benefits of cold water therapy at home with the least amount of effort, cold plunge tubs are the way to go. Rather than buying bags of ice cubes for your regular tub, these CWI-specific tubs are always ready for a plunge.

Let’s look at three characteristics that make the best cold therapy tubs. 

What is a Cold Therapy Tub?

Cold therapy tubs, also called cold plunge tubs, are small pools or tubs designed to maintain a water temperature of 58℉, rather than relying on fresh bags of ice. In recent years, the benefits of taking care of your body and getting exercise have come into focus. 

Along with this trend, cold water immersion and hydrotherapy have become popular with newly minted athletes after their workouts to reap several health benefits. Some of these benefits include improving sleep cycles and increasing mental stability by building willpower and adaptive capabilities through proper breathing.

CWI is great for post-workout routines. Getting into a cold plunge right after a workout constricts and dilates the blood vessels. This helps remove toxic waste from the muscles, relaxing them to aid in the process of recovery from high-intensity workouts.

Cold therapy also assists in cooling down the temperature of the body after a hard workout, further aiding recovery and preventing injury.

How Does Cold Therapy Work?

Cold therapy works kind of like placing a huge ice pack on your entire body. When the muscles go through a hard workout, lactic acid builds up and swelling occurs. Cold water immersion (CWI) after a workout constricts blood vessels and reduces fluid accumulation, helping keep swelling and soreness to a minimum.

The sudden change in body temperature also desensitizes your pain receptors, consequently reducing your overall pain from working out. So once you’re committed to cold water immersion therapy, how can you benefit from it daily? There’s no better way than with a cold therapy tub.

3 Characteristics of an Excellent Cold Therapy Tubs

When you’re looking for the best cold plunge tub, the most important consideration is convenience, which hinges on a consistent operation. No one wants a plunge tub that is difficult to operate and can’t keep the water cold for daily use, right?

Beyond reliable cold water, here are three main characteristics to look for when buying a cold therapy tub.

Durable Materials

High-quality cold therapy tubs from RENU Therapy are manufactured by hand using durable materials like titanium and beautifully crafted wood. The tub is designed with four-layer insulating technology to keep the temperature continually balanced and add sturdiness, ensuring lasting performance.

Avoid cold plunge tubs made from basic plastics that are lightweight or inflatable tubs that can’t withstand daily use.

Filtration Features

Several features of five-star-rated cold therapy tubs come into play, but one of the most crucial is filtration. The filtration technology for cold therapy tubs is key because it filters out the dust and dirt particles and germs to provide sanitized and clean water. Look for systems like RENU Therapy that rely on better equipment rather than tons of chemicals.

Tubs should also have an air-tight covering to keep the water clean without the extra work of draining and disinfecting water. Luxury cold tubs include lids and covers that provide better insulation and as well, ensuring cold water.

RENU Therapy cold tubs feature the best filtration systems and lids so you always have cold, clean water at the ready.

Warranty and After-Sales Services

RENU Therapy provides customers with a five-year warranty on cold therapy tubs. We pride ourselves on delivering only the best experiences for our customers.

So one of the extra steps we take is providing super-fast parts delivery if there’s ever a warranty issue with your cold plunge tub. We want to always be sure you’ll have cold water when you need it!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cold Therapy Tubs?

While anyone can do cold therapy at home, learning some key tips before using the cold therapy tub for the first time ensures the best experience. The temperature range that your body can handle varies from person to person, so try it on the warmest setting first. Another trick is to enter the tub with your clothes on. Finally, never exceed 10 minutes in the tub. 

Beyond these safe and comfortable tips for your best experience, just take care of the tub by keeping the cleaning equipment maintained and the exterior free from debris! 

Choose Only the Best Cold Therapy Tubs

RENU Therapy provides the best cold plunge tubs in the market due to superior functionality, durability, and easy-to-handle features. RENU Therapy cold plunge tanks are made exquisitely and uniquely from the lid to the lights.

Our tubs also deliver a quality aesthetic to your house. And with our rapid-response warranty, after-sales service, and our guides for getting the most from your cold tub all mean that you’re sure to fall in love with our cold plunge tubs

Cold Plunge Tubs FAQS

How much does a cold plunge tub cost?

The cost of a plunge tub by RENU Therapy starts at only $8,999.99.

How does the cold plunge tub work?

It works by adding water, setting a desirable temperature, and immersing your whole body for three to five minutes. It’s really that simple!

Is a cold water plunge good for you?

Always check with your doctor before starting cold therapy. Once you get the go from them, the next consideration is finding a tub that is ready for your 24/7.