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Water Treatment Kit



For those that desire to go a little beyond the built-in ozone purification system included with all of our tanks, this kit is perfect for you. We do just want to be clear that this kit is not a requirement for running our units and is unnecessary for most customers. This kit is chlorine/bromine-free and very mild, but works great to keep your water extremely clean & pure and helps extend filter life. The kit includes:

  • Sirona Simply Sanitizer
    • 16 fl oz
    • Highly stable chlorine-free, bromine-free sanitizer
    • Provides excellent bacteria control
    • Used at start-up, then as needed based upon water testing
  • Sirona Simply Oxidizer
    • 32 fl oz
    • Stabilized 7.5% hydrogen peroxide
    • Oxidizes organics and keeps water sparkling clear
    • Used at start-up, then added weekly
  • Sirona Simply Test Strips
    • Contains 25 test strips
    • Tests for Sirona Simply Sanitizer, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness
    • Results in 10 seconds

Directions for use:

  1. Add two teaspoons of Sanitizer and two teaspoons of Oxidizer the first time you are adding to the tank and each time you replace the water in the tank.
  2. Add one teaspoon of Oxidizer each week thereafter and one teaspoon of Sanitizer as needed based on test strip results.

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