Where to Buy A Self Cleaning Ice Bath Tub in California?

Where to Buy A Self Cleaning Ice Bath Tub in California?

Ice bath therapy can often be found in high-end wellness centers and athletic training facilities. RENU makes it possible for you or your clients to benefit from ice bath therapy with our Cold Stoic TM and Siberian Cold Plunge TM tubs. Suitable for home or commercial use, indoor or outdoor, RENU handmakes its ice bath tanks in the United States and is based in Santa Ana, California.

Now you can help alleviate inflammation, muscle soreness, and high blood pressure whenever you need it! Get a quick mood boost in the afternoon and develop greater mindfulness. When you want to leverage the body's natural healing powers fully, a cold tub is an essential piece of equipment. Let's cover how RENU can help you or your clients enjoy the health benefits of an ice bath!

Cold Water Therapy Tubs by RENU

Cold Stoic TM and Siberian Cold Plunge TM Tubs

Our Siberian Cold Plunge TM and Cold Stoic TM water therapy tubs are handmade in the United States, and we are headquartered in Santa Ana, California. Whether you're after peak athletic performance, strengthening your immune system, or need to alleviate inflammation and swelling for faster injury recovery, our cold therapy tubs are ready to serve you in your California home.

Features of RENU Ice Baths

Siberian Cold Plunge TM and Cold Stoic TM Plunge Tanks feature always-cold and clean technology that will enable you to add cold water immersion to your daily health and wellness routine. The programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature of the ice tub precisely, enabling you to achieve the perfect ice bath for better sleep, focus, and recovery from stress and pain. Siberian Cold Plunge TM and Cold Stoic TM can be placed outdoors or inside, and they deliver modern aesthetics that elevate any environment.

What’s included with each RENU Cold Therapy Unit:

  • Matching handmade step stool
  • Insulated cover
  • Free 6 Month "Purification and Filters" Subscription Package
  • Free standard shipping in the continental US
  • 5-Year express limited warranty
  • Cold plunge tank guide
  • Technical Information

    Designed in Southern California, our cold therapy tubs are compact in size and lightweight, allowing them to be installed almost anywhere! RENU tubs only need a standard 110-volt outlet, so you don't need to install any special electrical equipment. Each RENU tub measures 64” long, 33” wide, and 34” tall. Unfilled, the tubs weigh only 370 pounds.

    RENU cold therapy tubs are simple to keep running perfectly, only requiring a simple filtration change once per month. We make proper care easy with the RENU quarterly maintenance package, which includes everything you need for 3 months of water purification:

  • Three RENU certified filters
  • Two Earth-friendly oil and dirt buoy
  • One Chlorine Eco-friendly sanitizer stick
  • World-class Exterior Finish

    Whether your home or business has a darker or lighter design theme, RENU has a cold water therapy bathtub that will let you relax in style. Our Siberian Cold Plunge TM comes in a beautiful tan exterior, and Shou Sugi Ban treated wood deck, and Cold Stoic TM delivers rich dark tones with a luxurious stained redwood deck. With looks this good, our cold tubs add to the appeal of any exterior or interior space.

    The RENU Difference

    The chiller in our Cold Stoic TM and Siberian Cold Plunge TM ice therapy tubs feature a high-performance titanium heat exchanger that optimizes performance and maximizes corrosion resistance. Our cold water therapy tubs use advanced plasma gap technology combined with the world’s most advanced solid-state Corona Discharge technology. And, the ozonator system cleans the water without needing chemicals for long life, reliable operation, and energy savings.

    When you demand quiet, efficient, and reliable 24/7 performance, our magnetic drive water pump delivers! Equipped with a magnet impeller assembly and epoxy encased power unit, our pump never gets contaminated with harmful oils or chemicals.

    Efficiency and quiet operation is achieved with our proprietary insulation that fills gaps and voids, creating an energy-saving thermal barrier that lowers cooling costs by 25% and reduces sound emissions by 60% compared with other brands of ice baths.

    Unlike modified freezers, which can be potentially dangerous and have no resistance to inclement weather for outdoor use, Siberian Cold Plunge TM plunge tank is fully weatherproof, safe around pools, always cold, and most importantly, safe for use as an ice bath!


    The RENU Therapy cold tub comes with a hassle-free five-year express warranty on all parts. We will express ship any warranty part straight from our inventory so you can continue using your cold therapy or contrast therapy ice bath without interruption. Other cold plunge tank sellers only offer a 1-year warranty and no express shipping.

    Staying Safe in an Ice Water Bath

    It's important to consult with your doctor before using any cold plunge tank. Note, the content provided on this website isn't intended to establish a standard of care. Everyone reacts differently to cold therapy, so take the time to learn your body's physiological response to cold, and talk to your physician before beginning cold water immersion therapy. Follow these guidelines, and you'll enjoy a better ice bath!

    Get your RENU Cold Therapy Tub

    RENU cold plunge tubs are handmade 100% in the USA. Our warranty coverage is best in class, and we deliver 100% customer satisfaction with every cold plunge we sell.

    Ice baths in your California Home Whenever you Choose

    Contact RENU today and start enjoying the convenience of cold water therapy at home!