Nordic Cycle Therapy

The Nordic Cycle Therapy

Is Nordic Cycle Therapy entail?

Alternating between hot saunas or hot soaks and icy cold waters is a routine that’s been practiced in the Nordic cultures for hundreds of years. The health benefits of Nordic Cycle Therapy have been recognized by the Nordic societies for eons, and is often cited as a significant reason they may be one of the most healthy societies in the world. Aside from this anecdotal support for the practice, scientific studies have also uncovered numerous health benefits stemming from this form of therapy.

The Nordic Cycle involves starting with a 20-minute hot sauna session, followed by a cold water immersion session. While this technique might feel intense for first-time practitioners, the benefits are worth the initial discomfort. Once your body better adjusts to the experience, the health benefits and euphoric feelings resulting from the activity often quickly becomes something to look forward to rather than dread.

Is Nordic Cycle Therapy good for you?

Contrast therapy has been called the “Nordic Cycle.” This is also sometimes marketed as cryotherapy, which is a slightly different methodology. The physiology behind the health benefits are the same, though.

The cold phase of the therapy session produces a constriction of blood vessels, increasing the pressure in the circulatory system. The exposure to heat, conversely, causes a rebound dilation of the same vessels, producing a substantial increase in circulation throughout the body. The benefits of this form of therapy are also well-suited to healing after a sports injury.

Competitive athletes who want the fastest recovery method possible have been turning to Nordic Cycle Therapy for decades now. The practice has been found to enhance post-exercise recovery, making this therapy an essential practice for people seeking peak output.

Routines that combine hot sauna sessions with cold plunges provide people with an array of measurable health benefits. Beyond the physical benefits, Nordic Cycle Therapy practitioners find they often enjoy positive mental health effects also. If you’re wondering if you might benefit from Nordic Cycle Therapy, read on to discover the possibilities.

Enhanced healing process

The Nordic Cycle Therapy helps drive red blood cells to healing tissue, increasing oxygen and healing antibodies, along with transporting key nutrients. This all works to support the healing process. Nutrition is a key part of healthy healing. However, nutrients need to be delivered efficiently to the area that suffered an injury. More robust blood flow helps ensure full support to any damaged cells of an injury.

Reduction of swelling

Reducing swelling is achieved by elevating circulation within both the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. For example, Lymphedema is a condition of swelling resulting from poor circulation through the lymphatic system. Improving circulation through lymphatics and veins work together to reduce swelling.

Lower chance of scar tissue

An accelerated healing process lowers the potential for scar tissue formation that often complicates recovery and causes chronic pain.

Reduced pain and mood elevation

The Nordic Cycle Therapy elevates heart rate, adrenaline, and endorphin responses. This helps reduce pain, leading to an elevated mood. This is crucial after a surgery or injury, because it helps reduce the need for pain medications along with preventing depression.

Reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia

Over the course of a 20-year, 2,300 participant study, Dr. Jari Laukkanen at the University of Eastern Finland found that regular hot sauna sessions lowered the chances of participants suffering from both Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Curbing the effects of chronic inflammation

Nordic Cycle Therapy helps reduce chronic inflammation by increasing blood circulation. This increase in blood flow helps wash out chronic inflammatory cells to promote improved healing of damaged tissue.

Detoxifying effects that boost immunity

Nordic Cycle Therapy causes the lymphatic system to trigger circulation of healing fluids, creating a full flush of the body. Lymphatics are a significant contributor to our immune system, so a lymphatic problem can often lead to swelling. This type of contrast therapy enables improved circulation throughout the lymphatic vessels, helping the body to improve immunity, remove waste, and detoxify the body.

Recovery from muscle soreness

Nordic Cycle Therapy enhances the recovery of sore muscles and soft tissue damage that result from overtraining or intense competition.

Helps rejuvenate the skin

Practicing Nordic Cycle Therapy stimulates blood flow to the skin’s surface. This can have a powerful positive impact on skin health for improved healing from surgery and a natural radiance.

Optimizes blood circulation

Quickly switching between hot and cold conditions jumpstarts many different responses within the body, especially the blood vessels. Constriction and dilation of blood vessels helps increase blood flow for higher performance along with improving vascular and cardiac response.

Health precautions for Nordic Cycle Therapy

While Nordic Cycle Therapy is safe for most people, it may be risky for some. Folks who have pre-existing heart conditions should opt for milder temperatures and avoid any exposure to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold.

Nordic Cycle Therapy produces rapid changes in the circulatory system, so it’s crucial to always start with heat before cold to prevent adverse effects.

How often can Nordic Cycle Therapy be safely practiced?

Nordic Cycle Therapy is more effective the more frequently it’s practiced. Numerous studies have shown that more routine use of Nordic Cycle Therapy leads to greater benefits. These studies found significant health improvements in people who practice Nordic Cycle Therapy routinely compared with off and on practitioners.

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