Hot Tub for Sale: Home Setup

Taking a dip in a hot tub has been a practice across many cultures for eons. And in Japan, people still enjoy more hot soaks than anywhere else in the world. There. you'll find different promos for a premium hot tub for sale.

But as more studies are uncovering the bountiful benefits of soaking in hot tubs and spas, it's becoming much clearer why the Japanese are one of the healthiest populations with the longest life expectancies on the globe.

The good news is soaking in your hot tub every day isn't just a guilty pleasure, but a practice that can bolster your health and improve your mental state. When you've finally found a hot tub for sale that has the features you want, how can you set everything up to be the outdoor spa of your dreams?

Let's look at where the practice started, what the benefits are, and how you can start enjoying them in the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy the Ancient Practice of Soaking in a Hot Tub

The practice of soaking in a hot tub started in ancient Japan as part of a ritual called ablution, which stands for purification. The ritual was part of cultural ceremonies to represent spiritual and physical renewal.

The purpose of soaking in the hot tub was to cleanse the body and purify the soul. Deep wooden tubs were filled with mineral water at temperatures nearing 120˚F, similar to the hot water of a natural spa.

Today, modern versions of these hot tubs are still found in homes, luxury spas, and high-end hotels across Japan. While the ceremonial roots are still respected, hot tubs for soaking are considered a must-have item in any contemporary bathroom.

These tubs go far beyond a standard bathtub for cleaning your body. There are digital controls to ensure a perfectly optimized hot water temperature that's always ready. The hot tubs are also always on and filled with hot water, so their owners can enjoy a soak in their hot tub at a moment's notice.

Aside from pure enjoyment, what are the benefits of spas and hot tubs that you might expect?

What Benefits Come from Soaking in Hot Tubs?

Soaking in hot tubs is largely centered around comfort rather than cleansing. For experiencing the most relaxation possible after a long hard day, you simply can't beat an indoor hot tub that features massaging jets and a comfortable seat.

While it's clear how hot tubs are the ideal place to relax, what are some of the health benefits can they give you?

Hot Tubs Provide Even Heat for the Entire Body

Raising your body temperature relaxes your blood vessels, allowing them to expand and increase your circulation rate. This improvement in blood flow increases oxygen and nutrition delivery throughout the body.

It also helps to carry away carbon dioxide and cellular wastes. Boosting your circulation brings on a relaxed, restored mental state that melts away stress.

Hopping into a hot tub where your entire body is submerged is one of the easiest ways to quickly raise your body temperature to the ideal level for restorative benefits.

Hot Tubs Remove Weight from Your Pressure Points 

Sitting in a spa filled with hot water can help reduce the amount of weight your body places on pressure points. Full submersion creates buoyancy, allowing your body to partially float in the hot water.

Soaking in spas that allow shoulder-deep water means you'll only need to support one-tenth of your body weight while sitting. This relief allows your muscles to rest and takes the pressure off sore spots from hard workouts or injuries, boosting relaxation and easing tension.

Hot Tubs Produce Light Compression that Helps Improve Circulation

Applying compression is one of the core tenants of promoting muscle and joint recovery. That's because compression increases the circulation of blood to these areas, helping increase nutrient delivery and the removal of damaged cells.

When you're completely immersed in a hot tub, the weight of the surrounding water applies a gentle compression all over. This can be especially helpful for alleviating swelling and inflammation in your legs and lower body.

Hot Tubs Provide Relaxation and Soothing Comfort 

Sure, soaking in a regular tub can feel nice, but it can be impossible to achieve full submersion. Hot tubs provide a deeper chamber of water for completely surrounding your body in soothing hot water.

There's also a bench to sit on that supports a straight back, allowing your feet to gently rest below your waist. The buoyancy provided by the water alleviates all of the pressure on your shoulders and neck.

All of this adds up to a far more relaxing and soothing experience than a regular bathtub can provide at home.

Hot Tubs for Soaking at Home Provide Privacy

Soaking in a hot tub can be one of the most beneficial, meditative rituals for grounding yourself each day. For most people, it's best to soak for approximately ten minutes. So why spend more time than that heading to a gym or spa to enjoy your soaking time?

Having your own hot tub means you'll not only save time traveling but have the privacy to fully indulge in your hot tub experience. Your personal hot tub provides a place to fully decompress from the stresses of everyday life.

Hot Tubs and Spas Promote Overall Health and Wellness 

What about the health and well-being benefits of owning a hot tub? Just look at the list of the potential health benefits that come from time in hot tubs.

  • Detoxifies the body by stimulating the lymphatic system
  • Improves cardiovascular health by alternating vasodilation and vasoconstriction
  • Produces a relaxing mental state that melts away stress and anxiety
  • Boosts metabolic rates and aids in digestion
  • Strengthens and supports the immune system
  • Cleanses the skin of impurities and dead skin cells
  • Creating a Comfortable Hot Tub Experience

    When you want to get the most from your hot tub experience, be sure to include these features:

  • Inflatable headrest
  • Refreshment tray
  • Massage jets
  • Also, you'll want to be sure not to stay in too long. A good rule of thumb is to get out when your face starts to sweat. This is a simple way to tell if your body temperature is elevated sufficiently and you're ready to get out.

    Is a Hot Tub Right for Your Backyard?

    Buying a hot tub comes down to doing some research to make sure the one you choose will serve your needs for the long term. If you'll be using the tub for contrast therapy with a cold plunge tub, you’ll want to be sure you have enough space and power supply to handle two tubs of water.

    Learn more about the benefits of contrast therapy here.

    Whether you go with an outdoor spa or indoor spa will largely determine how many people can sit in the tub at once. Sizes can range from single-person to eight when it comes to hot tubs for sale that is for outdoor use only. While smaller hot tubs are perfect for indoor spaces.

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