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See why people love the RENU Therapy cold water tank

When cold water immersion and a daily cold tub become part of their routine, they all became Believers and want to tell the World. The enthusiasm comes from how they feel and that the benefits are tangible. 

RENU is rated to be the Best Looking and the Best Performing Cold Plunge Tank on the market!

2021-2022 NBA Southeast Division Champion

Dwayne Dedmon

I get in to shock my system every morning.

Tyler Beede

It has absolutely been a life changing tool to my daily fitness.


I love my Renu Therapy

Yoel Romero (MMA)

I close my eyes and start to surrender to fear.

Amy Rose

If you are thinking about purchasing one of these cold plunge pools, I highly recommend the Renu Therapy product

Molly L.

My energy is through the roof, my immunity is fantastic. I just feel fantastic.

Scott E.

I love cold therapy, the great thing about cold plunge is that after a long run it's very therapeutic, renewing, and also helps with inflammation.

Natalie B.

I have multiple injuries and after just 3x, I feel awesome.


It wasn't until I came across RENU's cold plunge that I realized that I'd been depriving myself of what's possible with cold plunge.


Legit, I tapped into the release of endorphins.


Holy fuck. it's cold.


It's a mind game and yet, I just did it 3 times.


A holistic approach to feeling better, and one of the pillars found in the Wim Hof breathing book.

Jim O.

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