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Renu vs Hyoga Furo

Color Options 5 Color Options Only Black
Breath Deck 6 Different Deck Options (Wood + Plastic) No Breath Deck
Ergonomic Comfortable and Deep Cumbersome Top Frame
Ozone Sanitation Superior Ultra Violet Ozone Generator. Lasts a long time and if it goes out, the UV bulb will go out, letting the owner know it needs to be replaced Corona Discharge Ozone. This design can result in reduced ozone production after as little as 6-months to 1-year of use. A byproduct called Nitric Acid can gum up the tubing, causing problems that create tiny debris in the water. Users often cannot tell when the unit stops working.
Tank Depth Deep Plunge Tank: 30" Deep Plunge Tank: 30"
Enclosed Mechanics Bay Yes, all electrical devices enclosed and protected from splash over and weather No, The chiller control panel is exposed to the elements
Inset Flush Lid Yes, the flush lid is an integral part of the beautiful aesthetic Not a flush lid
Exterior The RENU is made with HDPE. A UV resistant, extremely durable, and beautiful finish for a long life. Treated High Density Foam
N. American vs. Chinese Components 80% of our main components are made in North America, not China Nearly 60% of components are made in China
Price Shipped $9,699.99 $8,595