PLUNGE vs. RENU Cold Tanks

PLUNGE vs. RENU Cold Tanks

Factors When Shopping For A Cold Plunge Tank

When you're shopping for a cold plunge tank, the basics, like if the exterior dimensions fit in your space and whether or not you have to add ice, are important, but there are numerous other factors to consider.

Harmful bacteria can build up in ice baths if their ozone sanitation system isn't designed properly, and if you are planning on alternating with a hot tub for contrast therapy, you'll need to be sure the cold tub is suitable for outdoor use.

Finally, power consumption, cooling performance, and component longevity stem from where the parts are sourced.

Let's cover the different factors to weigh when shopping for a cold plunge tank, along with how PLUNGE cold tub tanks stack up against RENU Therapy cold tanks.

Cold Tub Ozone Sanitation

Getting into a cold immersion tank can be a game-changer for your health, but it's essential that the water stays clean in your tank.

RENU: Superior UltraViolet Ozone Generator

PLUNGE: Corona Discharge Ozone system. This design can result in reduced ozone production after as little as 6-months to 1-year of use. A byproduct called Nitric Acid can gum up the tubing, causing problems that create tiny debris in the water. Users often cannot tell when the unit stops working.

Cold Plunge Tank Enclosed Mechanical Bay

The mechanical workings of a cold plunge tank should never be exposed to outdoor elements, as corrosion and rust could build on critical items like pumps and wiring connections, negatively impacting cooling performance and reducing the lifespan of the moving parts. RENU has an entirely enclosed mechanical bay, unlike many of the competing cold tubs.

RENU: Yes, all electrical devices are enclosed and protected from splash over and weather.

PLUNGE: No enclosure—exposed chiller. The chiller instructions say, "Do not Install Outdoors." CLICK HERE

Cold Plunge Tank Exterior Durability

Maybe you want your cold water immersion routine on your back patio for the view, or perhaps for alternating hot tub and cold tub plunges for contrast therapy. Whatever the reason, you'll want to be certain your cold plunge tank is made to endure direct sunlight and exposure to the elements.

RENU: The RENU tank is made with HDPE, a UV resistant, extremely durable, and long life beautiful finish.

PLUNGE: Acrylic tub. Acrylic can eventually chip and peel, sometimes requiring weatherproofing.

Cold Water Immersion Tank Depth

Cold water therapy can help you build a robust immune system and maintain healthy blood pressure. But, cold plunging isn't the same in all cold plunge tubs—some aren't as deep, making it difficult to get the full health benefits of cold water therapy.

If a cold tub is too shallow, you may have to slide forward to fully submerge your body, requiring you to bend your knees to the point they stick out of the water. For many, reducing inflammation in joints like knees is a key reason for cold water immersion, so having them stick out of the water is far from ideal.

RENU: Deep Plunge Tank: 30"

PLUNGE: Shallow Bath Tub: 18"

Cold Tub Breath Deck

Tanking a plunge in a cold immersion tank can feel amazing, but sometimes you really want to jump out. Having a breath deck to quickly get out and sit to warm back up can make a massive difference in your cold immersion experience. Only RENU's cold tub comes with a breath deck.

RENU: Beautifully crafted wooden breath deck with a choice of wood stain.

PLUNGE: No breath deck.

Ergonomics Of Cold Plunge Pools

The benefits of cold immersion therapy, especially for muscle soreness, are far more easily enjoyed when the manufacturer has carefully considered the ergonomics of the cold plunge pool. Cold tubs should be easy to get in and out of.

RENU: Comfortable and deep, with a breath deck for easier entry.

PLUNGE: Shallower tank can be prone to splash over and harder for some to get in and out of

Cold Tub Color Options

Cold tub exterior appearances can either blend in or be an eyesore in your home's basement or patio around the pool. Having a choice when it comes to the exterior of your cold tub can be the difference between owning a cold tub that compliments your home's aesthetics instead of clashing with them.

RENU: 5 Color Options

PLUNGE: Only White

Cold Tub Inset Flush Lid

If a cold tub has a lid that doesn't fit flush, it can require time-wasting readjustment to avoid risking an improper seal that makes all the water lose its cool. An inset flush lid helps conserve energy and keep water temperatures ice cold, so the tub is ready whenever you are.

RENU: Yes, the inset flush lid is an integral part of the tub's high-quality aesthetics.

PLUNGE: Not flush

North American Cold Plunge Tank Components vs. Chinese

Where the components in your cold plunge tank are made will have a significant impact on the life of your tank, how reliably it operates, and how much maintenance you'll be subjected to.

When critical cold tank components like chillers, circulation pumps, and ozone sanitizers are cheaply sourced, reliability and longevity become much less certain.

Make a cold tank comparison and see that while RENU sources more North American components than the competition, it's not the most expensive, making RENU an incredible value for the cold therapy performance you get.

RENU: 80% of the main components are made in North America, not China.

PLUNGE: Almost all of the components are made in China.

Cold Tub Price Shipped

When you weigh all of the reliability and long-term strengths of a RENU cold plunge tub against the drawbacks of PLUNGE cold tubs, you can start to see why PLUNGE is priced so low.

For people who are serious about establishing an ice bath routine that delivers the maximum health benefits with the least amount of hassle, RENU is the clear choice.

RENU: From $9,699.99

PLUNGE: From $4,990.00

Customize A RENU Cold Plunge Tank

If you're ready to take the plunge with RENU, browse our selection of cold plunge tanks and customize your tank today.

Choose from standard or large tank sizes, an array of exterior colors, and various breath deck wood finishes for a perfect match with your home's sunroom, basement, patio, or pool deck.