Benefits of Cold Water Immersion for Entrepreneurs

Benefits of Cold Water Immersion for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. The constant brainstorming and running a business means entrepreneurs usually work longer and harder than regular employees. Though this career is rewarding, many entrepreneurs end up sacrificing their health in the process: they’re twice as likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues and are more vulnerable to heart disease.

Though it's true that working more than 40 hours a week, facing high expectations and pressure from within and without your company, and a heightened risk of developing health issues are all part of the price of entrepreneurship, it's important to remember that your productivity — and success — ultimately depends on your health. This makes holistic self-care crucial to your continuing career. If you're worried about how to do so despite your busy schedule, you might want to start with cold water immersion. Below we discuss what it is and the various benefits it offers.

What is Cold Water Immersion?

Water is generally a versatile substance, and it’s used in nearly all aspects of our daily lives. This principle of versatility also applies to water therapy, which comes in multiple types. What will be discussed here is Cold Water Immersion (CWI). Also known as an ice bath, this kind of water therapy involves immersing oneself in water that has a temperature less than 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The great thing about CWI is that it's easy to fit into even the most hectic entrepreneur's schedule. And unlike other forms of water therapy like aquatic therapy, it's suitable for people of any age and fitness level. Below are a few of the benefits CWI provides for entrepreneurs like yourself.

The benefits of Cold Water Immersion

Better mental health and immunity

Regularly working for long hours can wear you down both physically and mentally. On one level, CWI can lighten your mood by quite literally altering the chemistry in your body and brain. As we mentioned in our article on the benefits of cold tub therapy, CWI eases tension by triggering the release of mood-boosting neurotransmitters like beta-endorphins, dopamine, and noradrenaline. At the same time, it promotes better function in your lymphatic system. In turn, this allows for better immunity. That being said, simply taking the time to immerse yourself in cold water each day can help put you in the best shape possible with the added benefit of heading to the office happier.

It soothes aches and pains(I would not use the term”Soothe” with CWI, maybe use “reduces inflammation and pain)

Much like a good shower or bath, water therapy can relieve you of the various aches you get while at work — but in a more long-lasting way. CWI's main benefit is arguably the fact that the cold water involved causes your blood vessels to constrict, helping ease soreness in your muscles. It also helps lower the temperature of any damaged muscle tissue, which lowers swelling and inflammation in affected areas. This is why athletes in particular turn to CWI after workouts or during injury recovery. As an entrepreneur, you'll be able to benefit from this if you're the type to stick to your desk all day. With CWI, you can thus effectively say goodbye to neck aches and back pains.

It improves blood circulation

When your body is bent at the hips and knees — like when you sit in a chair — for hours at a time, it's more difficult for your heart to pump blood more efficiently and can cause blood to pool at the legs. In the long term, this can lead to increased blood pressure and strain your back. It can even cloud your thinking, as reported by a 2016 article from the National Institutes of Health titled High Blood Pressure Is Linked To Cognitive Decline. CWI can fix all that since it constricts your vessels. This forces your heart to work more efficiently and brings a rush of fresh blood to your organs. By infusing your body with the necessary oxygen and nutrients, CWI thus gives you a healthier body and mind. You'll be able to bring sharper cognitive and decision-making skills to work for a long time to come, ensuring that you'll be there to establish your company's sustainable long-term growth.

It enhances sleep quality

Finally, CWI can help you get the most out of a night's sleep so you’re ready to take on each new day. A trip to the cold tub effectively drops your core temperature. This reduces sleep onset so you can fall asleep faster. You're also more likely to enter the more restful phase of deep sleep within the first 3 hours of your dropping off. As an added bonus, you'll also be able to sleep more comfortably thanks to CWI's muscle-soothing capabilities. Though studies show that these effects will be more apparent if your cold tub session follows a high-intensity workout, a dip in the tub alone can still help you have more energy during the workday — especially if insomnia or body aches usually keep you up at night.


When looking for a more sustainable way to continue your career as an entrepreneur, the simplest things will be your best friend. Water therapy can be a minor addition to your routine that will give you the most health benefits.

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